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Life saving WASH services for acutely vulnerable and crisis affected communities in Jonglei, Greater Bahr El Ghazal and Western Equatoria.

Sector/Cluster : Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Objectives : Access to life-saving WASH services for acutely vulnerable and crisis affected communities in Jonglei, Greater Bahr El Ghazal and Western Equatoria, targeting IDPs, returnees and host communities.

Beneficiaries : Total: 178,828 IDPS, Returnees, Refugees and vulnerable host communities Children: 84,814

Women: 42,715

Other group: 7,880 880 Water committee members, 7,000 school childrenImplementing Partners Educational Development Organisation Of South Sudan (EDOOSS)

Current Funds : Requested $2,195,600

Location : Multiple Locations

Priority : Medium (M)

Gender Marker Code : 1 - The project is designed to contribute in some limited way to gender equality

Enhanced Geographical Fields : Western Bahr el Ghazal

Jonglei - Bor South

Jonglei - Pibor

Northern Bahr el Ghazal - Aweil East

Northern Bahr el Ghazal - Aweil North

Northern Bahr el Ghazal - Aweil South

Northern Bahr el Ghazal - Aweil West

Western Equatoria - Maridi

Western Equatoria - Mundri East

Western Equatoria - Mundri West

Need : Northern Bahr El Ghazal faces an ongoing influx of refugees. In June about 3,000 new arrivals were verified

and registered in Aweil East and North counties. They report increasing insecurity and armed attacks in areas

around River Kiir, South Darfur and South Kordofan In Sudan (OCHA Hum.Bulletin 10-16 June 2013). NBeG

is far from meeting the Sphere standard for WASH. These new arrivals put extra pressure on the already

scarce water sources with the risk to over stretching of the available water resources. To reduce tensions

between host communities and returnees, and to reintegrate returnees, adequate water supplies are one of

top priorities. Acute demand for water for domestic use and animal consumption is another reason for

potential conflict; With a professional team and quality equipment on the ground IAS is ready to respond to

emergency calls in the WASH sector.

Western Bahr El Ghazal As one of few WASH organizations operating in Raja county and with a permanent

presence on the ground; IAS plays a vital role for any WASH emergencies that may occur. Presently IAS has

three complete drilling units equipped with qualified and experienced staff. Raja County is at the border with

Darfur, Sudan and is one of the most remote areas in South Sudan. IAS is part of the State Emergency

preparedness team; facilitated by UNICEF, for all WASH organizations. Pending on upcoming needs and

emergencies, IAS will respond accordingly and allocate the necessary resources for a sufficient WASH


Jonglei ranks among the states with the worst humanitarian challenges in South Sudan. Two decades of civil

war hindered all humanitarian development in terms of water & sanitation, infrastructure, medical facilities,

schools, water and agriculture. Besides Jonglei is an area known for cattle raids, child abduction, floods and

insecurity due to inter

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Publication:Mena Report
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Date:Sep 15, 2014
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