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'Alien World' goes beyond the solar system with science and fiction. Dec 8, 2020 400
Grant helps NIU mechanical engineering grad contribute to search for life on Mars. Submitted by NIU College of Engineering and Engineering Technology Dec 2, 2020 780
Grant helps NIU mechanical engineering grad contribute to search for life on Mars. Submitted by NIU College of Engineering and Engineering Technology Nov 5, 2020 780
Study shows difficulty in finding evidence of life on Mars. Nov 4, 2020 200
Tributes paid to Emmerdale actor and resort local Johnny Leeze. GREGORY FORD @FordWrit Obituary Oct 27, 2020 615
Four best worlds to find alien life in our solar system; Venus discovery has added another place to where we could find life. By, Gareth Dorrian, University of Birmingham & Daniel Smith Sep 26, 2020 900
Is there alien life on Venus? Sep 16, 2020 175
Is there life on Venus? If signs of alien life have been detected on the planet - and phosphine gas explained; The phosphine molecules were first detected by the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope (JCMT). Helen Johnson Sep 15, 2020 517
First signs of alien life found on Venus. Sep 15, 2020 175
Scientists find gas on Venus linked to life on Earth. Sep 15, 2020 622
Scientists find potential signs on life on Venus. Sep 15, 2020 385
Potential sign of alien life detected on inhospitable Venus. Reuters News Service Sep 14, 2020 754
Alien-hunting telescope scans 10 million stars for signs of life -and finds nothing; Astronomers used the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA) telescope to search for signs of extraterrestrial life around the Vela constellation. By, Shivali Best Sep 9, 2020 368
NASA shares incredible image of nearby planet that 'could host alien life'; The planet, called Proxima b, orbits the red dwarf star Proxima Centauri, which is the closest star to the solar system. By, Shivali Best Aug 26, 2020 294
Scots free-diving photographer's images show 'alien life' in seas; The other-worldly "creatures" immortalised in Scottish free-diver and photographer Janeanne Gilchrist's dramatic underwater artworks could have come straight off the set of a sci-fi movie. Ilona Amos Aug 9, 2020 594
ON THIS DAY. Aug 6, 2020 227
Quizof the week. Aug 2, 2020 372
Rover & out ..of this world; NASA'S SEARCH FOR LIFE ON MARS Probe heading to Red Planet at 10,000mph. CHRIS BUCKTIN Jul 31, 2020 198
UK joins the search for life on Mars; NEWS WIRE. Jul 28, 2020 268
Life on Mars is set []; TALK TV. with Janine Yaqoob Jul 26, 2020 203
The quest to find signs of ancient life on Mars. Jul 11, 2020 946
Pluto's 'hidden ocean older than Earth seas could hold life'. Jun 23, 2020 160
A look back to the future; Viewers got excited about science and technology 55 years ago with the launch of Tomorrow's World. Jun 21, 2020 372
Report says ET did not go home...he was never really here in first place. Laura smith Report Jun 21, 2020 537
Life on Mars? Well it all depends on finances... Jun 19, 2020 696
NASA will launch a rover to Mars next month to search for signs of alien life; NASA's Perseverance Mars rover is set to launch on July 20, and will search for signs of past microscopic life, and collect samples of Martian rock and dust. By, Shivali Best Jun 18, 2020 383
At least 36 intelligent alien civilizations may be living in Milky Way, scientists estimate. Jun 17, 2020 627
NOSTALGIAQUIZ. Jun 13, 2020 446
Scientists discover new Earth-like planet that 'could host alien life'; The new exoplanet is around twice the size of Earth, and orbits its star at a distance that could allow life to thrive, according to the team. By, Shivali Best Jun 8, 2020 382
Space race has been revived by billionaires -and Elon Musk has taken the lead; Not happy with amassing huge fortunes on Earth, an elite group of super rich entrepreneurs are looking to the skies for their next challenge... and pay out. By, Grace Macaskill Jun 6, 2020 976
UAE's Mission to Mars crew shortlisted down to 10. Angel Tesorero, Staff Reporter Apr 15, 2020 909
View of self-isolation from space station. Apr 2, 2020 321
View of self-isolation from space station. Apr 2, 2020 321
Join the hunt! Mar 21, 2020 192
Is Blur life on Mars? THE DIARY. with Jessica Boulton Mar 6, 2020 348
Is Blur life on Mars? with Jessica Boulton THE DIARY. Jessica Boulton Mar 6, 2020 351
The Fermi Paradox as a Heuristic in Cognitive Science: The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Influences the Study of Terrestrial Intelligence. Grabbe, Jeremy W. Mar 1, 2020 1528
Scientists discover 'Super-Earth' planet that 'could host alien life'; The finding opens the search for life up to planets significantly larger than Earth, but smaller than Neptune, according to the team from the University of Cambridge. By, Nina Massey & Shivali Best Feb 28, 2020 479
Glenister Victorian role a pain to prepare. Feb 23, 2020 238
New hunt for signs of alien life out there. Feb 16, 2020 253
Fancy life on Mars? Scheme to help you get a hang of it. Staff Reporter Feb 15, 2020 402
Scientists step up hunt for life on other worlds. Feb 15, 2020 154
Scientists step up hunt for life on other worlds Shropshire. Feb 15, 2020 154
Astronomers will sweep the entire sky for alien life for the first time ever; The most comprehensive search ever for UFOs or alien life i to be carried out by astronomers in an unprecedented hunt using 28 giant radio telescopes in New Mexico, US. By, Jeremy Culley Feb 15, 2020 648
Human Biases Are In The Way Of Looking For Alien Life. Jan Cortes Jan 24, 2020 389
China's Largest Ever Alien Telescope Now Fully Operational. Jan Cortes Jan 22, 2020 357
How Premature Claims Of Life On Mars Hurt Science. Jan Cortes Jan 15, 2020 355
China launches gigantic telescope in hunt for life beyond earth. Reuters News Service Jan 11, 2020 250
NASA discovers new world that could support alien life. MARTIN BAGOT Science Editor Jan 8, 2020 145
NASA discovers new world that could support alien life. Jan 8, 2020 145
Oxygen provides clues to life on other planets. Jan 7, 2020 172
Oxygen provides clues to life on other planets. Jan 7, 2020 172
What Science Are We Watching Out For This 2020? Jan Cortes Jan 3, 2020 347
The Far Shore. Book review Jan 1, 2020 271
Life on Mars. Bradnock, Marianne Dec 22, 2019 258
A step closer to finding life on Mars? Dec 18, 2019 140
ESA, NASA Unveil Three-Step Plan For Finding Mars Alien Life. Inigo Monzon Dec 13, 2019 397
Fossil Mystery: Quest for Ancient Life On Mars. Dec 7, 2019 351
Alien-Hunting Group Discusses Chances Of Finding Extraterrestrial Life In 2020. Inigo Monzon Nov 27, 2019 421
Aliens Could Smell Bad, Expert Says. Lorraine Lorenzo Nov 27, 2019 498
NASA Builds New Alien Hunting Device For Ocean Worlds. Darwin Malicdem Nov 25, 2019 373
Saturn's Largest Moon Titan Found To Be Similar To Planet Earth. Vianne Burog Nov 25, 2019 368
Insects On Mars Are Harmful To Search For Life, Experts Say. Athena Chan Nov 23, 2019 499
Mars Is Covered In Bugs, Claims One Entomologist. Jan Cortes Nov 22, 2019 361
NASA Photo Shows Insects On Mars, Scientist Claims. Lorraine Lorenzo Nov 21, 2019 441
Alien Studies Grad Program Now A Thing. Lorraine Lorenzo Nov 20, 2019 385
NASA Mars Mission: Where To Find Alien Life. Lorraine Lorenzo Nov 20, 2019 413
Humans Closer To Finding Life On Other Worlds? Studies Narrow Down The Search. Athena Chan Nov 20, 2019 610
Are Aliens More Common Than We Thought? Jan Cortes Nov 20, 2019 358
This light-sensing camera may help detect extraterrestrial life, dark matter. ANI Nov 19, 2019 695
Scientists detect mineral that could preserve signs of ancient life on Mars' landing site. ANI Nov 13, 2019 686
Elon Musk Describes What Life On Mars Would Be Like. Inigo Monzon Nov 13, 2019 399
NASA Mars 2020 Rover To Look For Ancient Alien Life. Inigo Monzon Nov 13, 2019 425
NASA Photo Shows 'Airplane Crash' On Mars. Lorraine Lorenzo Nov 11, 2019 447
NASA Photo Shows 'Ancient Head' Statue On Mars. Lorraine Lorenzo Nov 8, 2019 466
China To Build Moon Bases And Send Astronauts To Mars. Inigo Monzon Nov 7, 2019 395
MBRSC calls for participation in Sirius Analogue Mission to simulate life on Mars. Nov 4, 2019 614
NASA Scientist Explains How Samples Can Be Collected From Mars. Inigo Monzon Oct 30, 2019 363
NASA Looking To Spot Alien Life In Jupiter Moon Mission. Inigo Monzon Oct 29, 2019 388
NASA Photo Shows 'Alien Camps' On Moon. Lorraine Lorenzo Oct 29, 2019 423
Scientists Reveal When We'll Find Proof Of Alien Life. Inigo Monzon Oct 29, 2019 385
NASA Mars Photo Shows 'Proof' Of City On Mars? Lorraine Lorenzo Oct 28, 2019 412
UFO Sighting News: Alien Spaceship Seen Hovering Over Iceland. Lorraine Lorenzo Oct 22, 2019 403
NASA Alien News: NASA Denies Alien Proof. Lorraine Lorenzo Oct 21, 2019 405
Aliens Travel In Microscopic Ships Humans Cannot See, Scientist Says. Darwin Malicdem Oct 21, 2019 354
Venus Has No Proof Of Alien Life, Scientists Reveal. Lorraine Lorenzo Oct 18, 2019 446
Interstellar Comets Hold Proof Of Alien Life, Harvard Physicist Claims. Inigo Monzon Oct 15, 2019 383
NASA Study Shows Alien Life Existed In Venus. Lorraine Lorenzo Oct 3, 2019 480
Infection Could Trigger Life Formation On Mars, Scientists Suggest. Darwin Malicdem Oct 3, 2019 421
Elon Musk Talks About Aliens During SpaceX Starship Event. Inigo Monzon Oct 2, 2019 386
What kind of person crosses the Nevada desert to investigate UFO conspiracies? Paul Ormerod Oct 2, 2019 551
NASA Mars Alien News: These Are First 'Extraterrestrials' On Mars. Lorraine Lorenzo Sep 30, 2019 398
NASA Photo Shows 'Alien Head' On Mars. Lorraine Lorenzo Sep 30, 2019 444
NASA Close To Finding Alien Life In Mars. Inigo Monzon Sep 30, 2019 366
Moon Could Be Rich In Extraterrestrial Evidence, New Study Claims. Inigo Monzon Sep 26, 2019 390
NASA Photo Spots 'Alien Structures' On Red Planet. Lorraine Lorenzo Sep 25, 2019 368
NASA Mars Alien: New Drill To Search Life Below The Red Planet. Lorraine Lorenzo Sep 25, 2019 528
WE CAN'T GO TO THE STARS: The notion that humanity could live anywhere else than on Earth is an outlier idea. Robinson, Kim Stanley Essay Sep 22, 2019 745
Searching for Extraterrestrials (Mission: Space Science). Book review Sep 22, 2019 107
Alien enthusiasts descend on Nevada desert near secretive U.S. base. Sep 20, 2019 236
NASA Astronaut Believes Aliens Exist. Sep 13, 2019 517
NASA Photo Shows 'Alien Face' On Moon. Sep 11, 2019 417
NASA Photo Shows 'Alien Artifact' On Mars. Sep 9, 2019 447
Elon Musk Says SpaceX Is Better Than Area 51. Sep 5, 2019 386
Aliens On Mars: NASA Hiding There's Water On Planet? Sep 3, 2019 533
Elon Musk Wants To Colonize Mars: 'Where Are The Aliens?'. Aug 30, 2019 429
British built rover begins journey to Mars, via France. Aug 27, 2019 848
Scientist Suggests Using Light Pollution To Search For Alien Life. Aug 26, 2019 368
ESA To Send Alien Hunting Camera To Mars. Aug 23, 2019 378
Rain on Mars boost hopes of early life. Aug 22, 2019 116
RAIN ON MARS; Boost to hopes of life on red planet. Aug 22, 2019 180
Astronomers Say Milky Way Has 10 Billion Earth-Like Planets. Aug 21, 2019 398
NASA Heading To Jupiter's Icy Ocean Moon In New Mission. Aug 21, 2019 368
NASA Photo Captures 'Tiny Alien Statue' On Mars. Aug 20, 2019 416
NASA confirms mission to Jupiter's moon Europa to see if it harbours alien life; NASA's Europa Clipper, which it describes as a 'highly capable, radiation tolerant spacecraft', will make the treacherous journey to Europa. Aug 20, 2019 258
Aliens would not want to make contact with us. Aug 9, 2019 172
NASA Photo Shows Mysterious 'Cosmic Light' On Mars. Aug 8, 2019 554
ON THIS DAY. Aug 6, 2019 192
NASA discovers 'first nearby super-Earth' - and it could harbour alien life; Using its TESS satellite, NASA has discovered a planet about 31 light-years away from our planet, and its conditions mean that it could be habitable. Aug 1, 2019 308
Can There Be Aliens On These Frozen Earths? Snowball Planets Hold Promise Of Life. Jul 31, 2019 431
This May Be The Best Spot To Explore Life On Mars. Jul 30, 2019 372
Life On Mars Found? Jul 23, 2019 387
The Flying Pigs; All this carry on over extraterrestrials and Area 51 seems like a storm in a flying saucer She his hid a langstanding fascination wi' alien life forms. Jul 20, 2019 878
Ancient Alaskan Ice Holds Secret To Alien Life? Jul 19, 2019 398
Breakthrough Listen begins search for alien technosignatures using VERITAS telescope array. Jul 18, 2019 630
'Let's see them aliens': 1.3 million people vow to storm Area 51. Jul 17, 2019 425
Lay small isles of tiles for human life on Mars. Jul 16, 2019 105
NASA Photo Shows 'Pig' On Red Planet. Jul 15, 2019 447
There Might Be Life On Saturn Moon Enceladus. Jul 4, 2019 398
NASA 'Super Instrument' Can Detect Life On Mars. Jul 3, 2019 398
Alien Life Could Be Spewing Toxic Gas. Jul 2, 2019 431
Warren Hammond and Joshua Viola. Book review Jul 1, 2019 217
'Chaos' On Mars Surface Offers Signs Of Life. Jun 28, 2019 409
NASA's Chopper-Like Probe To Look For Alien Life On Titan. Jun 28, 2019 430
Is There Alien Life On Venus? Jun 27, 2019 483
Saturn Moon Shows Signs That Alien Life Exists. Jun 27, 2019 503
NASA detects unusually high METHANE levels on Mars suggesting recent alien life; Any methane detected now must have been released relatively recently, according to NASA. Jun 24, 2019 427
18 solutions to the Fermi Paradox. Jun 24, 2019 1419
Five questions with ... Kristin Moore of Marion. Jun 19, 2019 163
18 scientific papers that hint at the existence of aliens. Jun 16, 2019 2228
Jupiter Moon Europa Shares Shocking Similarity With Earth, Study Says. Jun 13, 2019 505
Meteors Could Be Alien Artifacts, Scientist Suggests. Jun 13, 2019 375
Exomoons: Home to Extra-Terrestrial Life? Jun 12, 2019 373
Five questions with ... Kristin Moore of Marion. Jun 12, 2019 163
Search For Alien Life Narrows With New Study. Jun 12, 2019 386
Academics Confirm UFO Sightings Are Real. Jun 10, 2019 416
Exomoons Could Most Likely Be Home to Aliens. Jun 9, 2019 454
Why Scientist Thinks Massive Mars Crater Is Harboring Alien Life Forms. Jun 5, 2019 414
Aliens are more likely to look like PASTA than little green men, experts claim; A study by researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign indicates that life on Mars is likely to resemble fettuccine - flat, ribbon-like pasta. Jun 3, 2019 380
Mars Alien Life Discovered In 'Pasta-Like' Rocks? May 30, 2019 472
UFO Enthusiast Finds Alien City In US Navy Moon Map. May 30, 2019 432
UFO Hunter Claims To Have Seen UFO Disguised As A Cloud. May 28, 2019 392
I'll pass on freezing life on Mars; OUT OF THIS WORLD Brian Cox. May 25, 2019 360
Mission to Mars; Professor Brian Cox explains why his new BBC2 series on the solar system is out of this world. May 25, 2019 420
Brian Cox reveals excitement over new theory behind how solar system was formed; Brian Cox is on a mission to Mars, and Uranus... in The Planets on TV, and is most excited about the new Grand Tack model - only a year old. May 25, 2019 666
Martian Life Clues: Looking at Wrong Rocks? May 19, 2019 673
Diamond UFO Spotted In Phoenix: Proof Of Alien Life? May 13, 2019 435
Life on Mars. May 3, 2019 222
UFO Enthusiast Reportedly Finds Tombs, Weapons On Mars. May 3, 2019 414
NASA Could Locate Alien Life In Exoplanets Using New Telescope. May 1, 2019 430
Scientist Says Alien Life 'Inevitable And Possibly Imminent' With Billions Of Habitable Planets. May 1, 2019 732
YOUR FILM GUIDE. Apr 28, 2019 674
Man thinks Nasa photo proves life on Mars - but it's not quite what you'd expect; One amateur stargazer appears convinced he's found a strangely familiar creature lurking on the surface of the red planet. Apr 13, 2019 251
Man convinced to find penguin on Mars. Apr 13, 2019 214
NASA's Rover Stumbles Upon Alien Life, UFO Expert Claims. Apr 10, 2019 435
Are Humans Alone In The Universe? Apr 8, 2019 445
Alien Life May Exist Where This Poison Gas Abound. Apr 8, 2019 384
Life On Mars No Longer Exists Today. Apr 5, 2019 440
Jupiter Moon Europa NASA's Next Target For Search For Alien Life. Apr 3, 2019 527
NASA Building Catalog Of Alien Locations In Space. Mar 27, 2019 490
Are These The First Signs Of Martian Life? Mar 26, 2019 387
NASA Marks Target For Alien-Hunting Missions. Mar 26, 2019 451
NASA Could Hunt Aliens With Gas Deadly To Humans. Mar 21, 2019 481
NASA Backs Scientists Who Want To Explore Moon, Mars Caves. Mar 21, 2019 438
Downtown creator has new show. Mar 15, 2019 112
Mr Downton goes to town; His new show in 1840s Belgravia. Mar 15, 2019 207
Sending Astronauts to Search for Life On Mars. Mar 11, 2019 440
Mum spots 'UFO' flashing blue, red and yellow lights. Mar 10, 2019 271
Serena: Male TV stereotypes are lost in the past. Mar 8, 2019 776
'Life On Mars' Experiments Determine How Humans Can Survive In Red Planet. Mar 5, 2019 658
Microbes In Chilean Desert Provides Clues To Life On Mars. Mar 4, 2019 490
NASA Chief Believes Alien Life Could Be Discovered In Mars. Mar 1, 2019 495
Dance legend's Bowie tribute. Mar 1, 2019 451
Underwater System In Mars Could Point To Alien Life. Mar 1, 2019 415
NASA is Getting Closer to Discover Life on Mars. Mar 1, 2019 277
Mars Curiosity Rover Continues Mars Mission. Feb 18, 2019 371
NASA's Mars Opportunity Rover Ends Alien Life Search. Feb 15, 2019 452
Teaching love to the Martians..! Feb 13, 2019 546
5 Icy Water Worlds That Could Potentially Host Alien Life. Feb 5, 2019 548
Could Life On Mars Be Found Underground? Jan 31, 2019 482
Good news I backed Forrest to score a hat-trick at 400-1 The bad news? I've only stuck 50p on it; BOOKIES TELL PUNTER HE'S LUCKIEST MAN IN BRITAINBet had same odds as finding alien lifeforms. Dec 2, 2018 564
Scientists plot where new rover will explore, take Mars samples -BYLN- By Sarah Kaplan The Washington Post. Nov 18, 2018 806
Scientists plot where new Mars rover will explore, take samples -BYLN- By Sarah Kaplan The Washington Post. Nov 18, 2018 450
Scientists call for 'mega-mission' to find ancient life on Mars. Nov 6, 2018 630
Europeans, Japanese Venture Voyage to Mercury. Blau, John Nov 1, 2018 1183
Scientists tell NASA to 'dream big' to find ancient life on Mars. Oct 28, 2018 436
Evidence of earliest life on Earth disputed. Oct 18, 2018 398
Viking 2 probe completes its 42nd year on Mars September 3. Sep 5, 2018 159
Newest Book Release, "Life Signs and Fortune Cookies" by Author Melanie Simms Offers Powerful Messages in a Small But Mighty Book. Sep 3, 2018 175
Alien life on Milky Way's 'water worlds' could be possible, scientists believe; University of Chicago and Pennsylvania State researchers say alien life could be found on water planets after all. Sep 1, 2018 375
Planets entirely covered in water could support ALIEN life, study reveals; Researchers from the University of Chicago and Pennsylvania State University suggest that these 'water worlds' could in fact support alien life. Aug 31, 2018 337
Are these 'bodies' on Mars? UFO enthusiast convinced Nasa Rover pictures are proof of alien life; Steve Martin, from Kent, is convinced pictures prove that there is life on Mars. Aug 27, 2018 361
HP launches VR simulation of life on mars. Aug 16, 2018 504
What We Are Reading Today: Light of the Stars, by Adam Frank. Aug 4, 2018 183
Remember ALF? Beloved alien set for TV return with reboot in the works; Warner are said to be in the early stages of developing a reboot of the classic. Aug 3, 2018 249
'Planet light years away likely to support life'. Aug 2, 2018 202
Plate Tectonics Not Needed to Sustain Life. Jul 31, 2018 607
We'll never have life on Mars, scientists claim. Jul 31, 2018 281
Game review: Surviving Mars. Jul 25, 2018 769
Lunar life? Aliens may have lived on the MOON twice in the past, scientists claim; Researchers from Washington State University suggest that aliens may have lived on the moon twice in history - once 4 billion years ago, and again 3.5 billion years ago. Jul 24, 2018 291
Plenty of life on Mars; Energetic superstar Bruno treats packed Glasgow Green crowd to an out-of this-world performance. Jul 15, 2018 349
This nearby exoplanet could be our best hope of discovering alien life; A planet 11 light years away from Earth could be a rocky and temperate home to alien life. Jul 12, 2018 328
Advancing the SETI Quest: Hope, perseverance, and the courage of their convictions sustain those seeking hints of alien civilizations. Grinspoon, David Jul 1, 2018 541
Mars's LOST atmosphere: NASA's MAVEN mission has confirmed how our planetary neighbor lost its protective gas envelope. Jakosky, Bruce Jul 1, 2018 3556
Two 'second Earths' more similar to our planet than first thought - could harbour alien life; Astronomers have learned more details about Kepler-186f and Kepler-62f. Jun 29, 2018 453
Are aliens visiting the World Cup? Mysterious 'UFO in shape of stingray' lights up night sky over Russia; Footage has emerged of a "giant stingray" lighting up the skies over Nizhny Novgorod where England play on 24 June. Jun 17, 2018 341
Distant Moons May Harbor Life. Jun 16, 2018 515
NASA images 'expose life on Mars' as 'strange figure is spotted moving' on Red Planet; Video footage is believed to show something moving across the surface of the Red Planet - or is it just a dust storm? Jun 16, 2018 332
Public enema; ... It was fine, it was for TV, says Shaun Ryder as he chats to Zara Whelan on growing old more-or-less gracefully. Jun 15, 2018 987
Building blocks of life found on Mars. Jun 8, 2018 281
Life on Mars? NASA Discovers Best Evidence yet of Potential Life on Red Planet. Jun 8, 2018 390
NASA probe finds sign of life on Mars. Jun 8, 2018 106
NASA's Mars rover drills up most complex organic matter yet. Jun 8, 2018 625
Are WE the bad guys? Theoretical physicist predicts humans will DESTROY aliens to fuel growth of our own civilisation; Russian scientist Alexander Berezin has a grim prediction about making contact with aliens. Jun 1, 2018 496
Has NASA confirmed life on Mars? Bizarre 'Sphinx statue' unearthed by conspiracy theorists in photos of red planet; Internet UFO hunters have zoned in on pictures of a rock formation on the surface of Mars. May 30, 2018 346
Life on Mars? Rocks near ancient lakes indicate there may have once been ALIENS on the Red Planet; Researchers from the University of Edinburgh believe that rocks near ancient lakes may contain traces of tiny creatures, known as microbes on Mars. May 28, 2018 235
Fears of new deadly global epidemic after at least 13 die from rare brain virus in India; Scientists have yet to determine why the Nipah virus is spreading - and emergency measures have been put in place to try and contain it. May 28, 2018 448
Mars rocks from lake beds may reveal signs of past life. May 26, 2018 381
Aliens exist but may be in parallel Universe: Study. May 16, 2018 258
Scientists now know the best place to look for ALIENS in the solar system; Jupiter's moon Europa is the prime candidate for alien life in the solar system. May 15, 2018 472
Alien Life Could Exist Elsewhere In The Multiverse. May 14, 2018 537
Seasonal Change Could Reveal Alien Life. May 10, 2018 657
Search For Alien Life Expands. May 9, 2018 468
Microbes Found In Toxic Mars-Like Lake. May 3, 2018 599
WATCH: New exhibit gives peek of life on Mars. May 3, 2018 380
Microbes Living in A Toxic Volcanic Lake Could Hold Clues to Life on Mars. May 2, 2018 497
THE GHOST WRITER: Tracy K. Smith stirs up America's demons, if only to bring us a little peace. Hodge, Chinaka Interview May 1, 2018 672
A Yellowstone Guide to Life on Mars. Apr 30, 2018 1799
Buried! Old subways consigned to history; PS8m project taking shape to ease traffic congestion. Apr 17, 2018 433
SpaceX postpones launch of NASA's planet-hunter spacecraft. Apr 17, 2018 651
'A Quiet Place' team to produce 'Life on Mars' next. Apr 13, 2018 355
A night to honour the best of our city. Apr 12, 2018 746
'A Quiet Place' team to produce 'Life on Mars' next. Apr 12, 2018 355
Salty Subglacial Lakes Could Bolster Search For Extraterrestrial Life. Apr 11, 2018 516
Human Cognition Makes Finding Aliens More Difficult. Apr 11, 2018 536
Buzz Aldrin Did Not See Alien UFO. Apr 9, 2018 546
AI Predicts Probability Of Life On Other Planets. Apr 8, 2018 449
Alien life 'short of phosphorus'. Apr 5, 2018 381
Artificial Intelligence Helps to Predict Likelihood of Life on Other Worlds. Apr 4, 2018 451
NASA says there may be alien life hiding in the clouds of Venus; Microbial life may be present in the clouds above Venus' surface claims a new study. Apr 2, 2018 428
Gray, Claudia. Defy the Worlds: Defy the Stars, Book 2. Arditti, Lauren Book review Apr 1, 2018 264
Authorship Patterns and Collaborative Research in Astrobiology, 2012-2017. Thavamani, Kotti Report Apr 1, 2018 3938
Humans Could Find Alien Life Within This Century. Mar 27, 2018 461
Aliens Exist: Tom DeLonge quit Blink-182 to become one of the world's leading UFO experts. McKinney, Kelsey Mar 22, 2018 2743
Trappist-1 Alien Planets Have More Water Than Necessary. Mar 21, 2018 774
Scientists discover 15 new planets including a 'super-Earth' that could host ALIEN life; The researchers found that the 15 new planets are remarkably similar to planets in our own system, especially one called K2-155d which could have liquid water. Mar 12, 2018 321
Reading Tracy K. Smith's Life on Mars Poems Through Julia Kristeva and Susanna Egan. Altug, Zeynep Asya Critical essay Mar 10, 2018 4409
Could alien life thrive on Saturn's icy moon Enceladus? Mar 4, 2018 590
Alien Visitor: The first interstellar object seen entering the solar system is really quite bizarre. Grinspoon, David Mar 1, 2018 623
Life on MARS. Wall, Brian Mar 1, 2018 2319
Alien Life in Our Solar System? Study Hints at Saturn's Moon. Feb 28, 2018 360
Alien life in our Solar System? Study hints at Saturn's moon. Feb 28, 2018 388
Driest desert hints at possible life on Mars. Feb 27, 2018 496
Microbes in Driest Desert: Clues to Life On Mars. Feb 27, 2018 714
Rain 'wakes' microbes in desert. Feb 27, 2018 150
Soft Tissue Fossil Clues Could Help Search for Ancient Life on Earth and Other Planets. Feb 19, 2018 692
Scientists Say We Can Emotionally Handle Extraterrestrial Life. Feb 17, 2018 435
Mining For Cryptocurrency Is Interfering With The Search For Alien Life. Feb 14, 2018 449
Sending humans on a one-way mission to Mars is an impending reality. Feb 13, 2018 474
Traumatic licence. Feb 10, 2018 504
The search for life on other planets could get a boost from biosignatures. Feb 9, 2018 902
Life on Mars actor says women rule. Feb 5, 2018 140
Detecting Life On Other Planets. Jan 27, 2018 591
New Chemical Method Proposed To Find Alien Life. Jan 25, 2018 679
An Alien Solar System's Version Of Earth And Mars Might Be Habitable. Jan 24, 2018 481
A New Method To Find Life On Mars. Jan 22, 2018 618
Watch NASA Freeze Enormous Telescope In Cryochamber. Jan 12, 2018 388
It's Possible Mars Hasn't Had Water For Billions Of Years. Jan 10, 2018 470
The Top Science Stories Of 2017. Jan 3, 2018 904
Welcome to the future. Jan 1, 2018 208
China's Mars Village Will Simulate Life On That Planet. Dec 29, 2017 424
An open letter to alien life forms on Earth. Dec 25, 2017 652
Existence of UFO's 'proved beyond reasonable doubt' as expert says earth 'could have been visited'; Luis Elizondo, the former head of a secret US government programme, believes that Earth may well have been visited by alien life via the unidentified aircraft. Dec 24, 2017 388
NASA's New Frontier Mission Will Search For Alien Life Or Reveal The Solar System's History. Dec 21, 2017 426
We will find alien life in five years.. Irish astronomer eyes world's first contact with extraterrestrial; EXCLUSIVE. Dec 20, 2017 573
Ex-Pentagon UFO Official Hints Evidence Of Alien Life Reaching Earth. Dec 19, 2017 618
If life is out there, why haven't we found it yet? Dec 17, 2017 178
close, and no cigar! Could a long, thin object recently spotted in the solar system be the first evidence of alien life? MIKE LOCKLEY puts the question to Midland asteroid watcher Jay Tate. Dec 17, 2017 791
The Search For Alien Signals On The First Interstellar Asteroid. Dec 15, 2017 494
Our obsession with aliens. Dec 14, 2017 270
Tectonic Ice Plates On Jupiter's Moon Europa May Signal Alien Life. Dec 5, 2017 422
The truth is out there... in the sky over Brum! Nov 26, 2017 309
Scientist Beam Message to Luyten's Star, Hoping to Find Intelligent Life. Nov 21, 2017 659
Scientists sent messages to advanced alien civilizations and are hoping for a reply in 25 years. Nov 17, 2017 191

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