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Life on Earth.

* Rich Heffern has consistently given us very good pieces on spirituality, and on ecology in particular. But his Oct. 8 article was more than that. It was a knockout. The comparisons between some of Earth's systems and our human body's systems, the phrase that we are expressions of Earth rather than its owners, the image of the universe looking at itself through our recently evolved eyes, the analogy between cancer cells growing wild and humans who don't know their role in the ecosystem--these are images that etch themselves in the memory and prompt that total conversion to which Heffern urges us. Rarely have I seen so much content expressed so lucidly and potently in so brief a space.



* Megan McKenna has said that when she asks people what is the opposite of death, they usually answer "life." And she says: "Wrong!" The opposite of death is birth, and life is what we have in between, lf we are to be not only pro-birth but also pro-life, we must be for all that is necessary for a life lived in accordance with the dignity we have as persons created in the image of God.

Some years ago, the bishops of the Philippines issued a pastoral letter called "What Are We Doing to Our Beautiful Land?" In this letter, they say that the environment is "the ultimate pro-life issue." Clearly, the need for unpolluted air, water and soil is a pro-life issue. If we are to be authentically pro-life, we must be serious about the condition of our environment on Planet Earth.


St. Francis, Wis.
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Date:Nov 12, 2004
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