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Life is gross.

True or False?

There are airplanes nicknamed "Vomit Comets."

True. How do you train astronauts to deal with weightlessness without actually sending them into space? Fly an airplane upward at a steep angle and then bring it down in a big, wide arc, of course! At least, that's the answer devised by NASA. At the height of each climb, before the plane dives, the passengers onboard experience about 25 seconds of near-weightlessness. According to reports, 80 percent of people who ride in these planes become sick and throw up--which is where the name "Vomit Comet" comes in. Today, these planes are used not just to train astronauts but also to conduct research in a simulated space environment and to film movies such as Apollo 13. For public relations purposes, NASA calls these planes "Weightless Wonders," not "Vomit Comets."

True of False?

A cow chip is a type of tortilla chip made from corn, wheat, and cheese

False. Although there are lots of different snack chips you can buy at the grocery store, a cow chip is not one of them. In reality, a cow chip is a round, flat, dried-out pile of cow dung. When a cow first poops, it comes out as a runny mess, similar in con- sistency to chocolate pudding. (Too bad it doesn't smell like chocolate pudding!) When the poop dries, it hardens into a thick disk. Cow chips actually have some practical uses. In parts of the world, for example, people use cow chips for fuel or insulation. In the U.S., people play games with cow chips, competing to see how far they can throw them. The current record is 182 feet, 3 inches! The World Cow Chip Throwing Championship, in which contestants toss, heave, and flip cow chips, takes place each April in Beaver, Oklahoma. Don't believe me? Check out for the video proof.

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Date:Mar 1, 2013
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