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Life in the slow lane.

The many faces of Florida retirement.

* Year after year, decade after decade, they pack up the gold watch and photo albums, say good-bye to the Northern neighbors and head South to a land of sunshine, palm trees and white sand beaches. Suddenly freed from snow plows and nine-to-five schedules, Sarasota retirees explore this balmy new world with a sense of wonder and enthusiasm, forging new connections and finding unsuspected talents within themselves.

* From tricycle expeditions to backyard agricultural experiments, from volunteer hours to part-time jobs, the faces of Florida retirement are varied, sometimes funny and always fascinating. Photojournalists LOOMIS and PEGGY DEAN took a look...
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Title Annotation:photographs depicting the lifestyle of Sarasota, FL retirees
Author:Dean, Loomis; Dean, Peggy
Publication:Sarasota Magazine
Date:Mar 1, 1993
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