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Life and death; Soap stories NEIGHBOURS MONDAY, FIVE, 6.30pm.

It's been a while since Neighbours fans had a good trauma to get their teeth into but the bush fire has provided viewers with nail-biting action.

It continues on Tuesday as Marco hovers between life and death. He was caught outside in the blaze and, despite there being no signs of any burns on his body, according to Dr Karl (once again Erinsborough's only medic during this time of crisis), the fruit and veg king hasn't got long to live. As a result, Marco tells Carmella he wants to tie the knot immediately but refuses to spill the beans about his condition.

There's nothing like a bedside vigil to bring out the best in people though, so Marco asks his arch enemy, the feckless Oliver, to be his best man.

There isn't a dry eye in the ICU as the ceremony takes place. Carmella has just enough time left with her husband to recap the dreams they once shared for their future.


CRITICAL... Marco's in a bad way
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 20, 2008
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