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Articles from Life Extension (May 1, 2012)

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A double-blind, randomized, pilot dose-finding study of maca root (L. meyenii) for the management of SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction. Brief article 236
Abnormally increased CSF 3-ortho-methyldopa (3-OMD) in untreated restless legs syndrome (RLS) patients indicates more severe disease and possibly abnormally increased dopamine synthesis. Brief article 277
Aged garlic extract improves endothelial function in men with coronary artery disease. Brief article 238
An experimental comparative study of dexamethasone, melatonin and tacrolimus in noise-induced hearing loss. Brief article 287
Anti-inflammation effects of Cordyceps sinensis mycelium in focal cerebral ischemic injury rats. Brief article 144
Anti-inflammatory effects of different drugs/agents with antioxidant property on endothelial expression of adhesion molecules. Brief article 242
Antioxidants in treatment of idiopathic sudden hearing loss. Brief article 220
Basil: a potent one-two punch of robust flavor and medicinal advantages. Gamonski, William 2034
Beneficial effects of Lepidium meyenii (Maca) on psychological symptoms and measures of sexual dysfunction in postmenopausal women are not related to estrogen or androgen content. Brief article 264
Blood testing that can save your life. Ozner, Michael Excerpt 3183
Brain proteins may be key to aging. Finkel, J. Brief article 175
Different strategies in treating Noiseinduced hearing loss with N-acetylcysteine. Brief article 294
Dose-dependent effects of omega-3-polyunsaturated fatty acids on systolic left ventricular function, endothelial function, and markers of inflammation in chronic heart failure of Nonischemic origin: a double-blind, placebo-controlled, 3-arm study. 343
Effect of lepidium meyenii (Maca), a root with aphrodisiac and fertility-enhancing properties, on serum reproductive hormone levels in adult healthy men. Brief article 218
Effects of alpha-tocopherol on noise-induced hearing loss in guinea pigs. Brief article 247
Epidemiology of restless legs syndrome in French adults: a nationwide survey: the instant study. Brief article 258
Ethnobiology and ethnopharmacology of Lepidium meyenii (maca), a plant from the Peruvian highlands. Brief article 174
Exploring the reasons why melatonin can improve tinnitus. Brief article 203
Fasting retards tumor growth. Dye, D. Brief article 251
FDA warns of counterfeit anti-cancer drug Avastin [R]. Finkel, J. Brief article 209
Flax fiber suppresses appetite and food intake. Dye, D. Brief article 228
Flaxseed and cardiovascular health. 442
Greater intake of calcium, vitamins associated with lower colorectal cancer risk. Dye, D. Brief article 191
Green tea helps reduce the risk of disability in older individuals. Dye, D. Brief article 204
Heart Attack Proof: A Six-Week Cardiac Makeover for a Lifetime of Optimal Health. Ozner, Michael Book review 687
Hepatocellular carcinoma and vitamin D: a review. Brief article 179
Investigation of the tuber constituents of maca (lepidium meyenii walp.). Brief article 157
Mechanism found for DIM in reducing ovarian cancer cell growth. Dye, D. Brief article 178
Medicamentous treatment of chronic venous insufficiency using semisynthetic diosmin--a prospective study. 380
Melatonin as a neuroprotective agent in the rodent models of Parkinson's disease: is it all set to irrefutable clinical translation? Brief article 214
Melatonin treatment following stroke induction modulates l-arginine metabolism. Brief article 257
N-Acetyl-cysteine against noise-induced temporary threshold shift in male workers. Brief article 239
Neuroprotection by spice-derived nutraceuticals: you are what you eat! Brief article 149
New study warns against excessive vitamin D intake. Faloon, William Report 3358
Nutrient 'cocktail' delays aging and extends life span. Machado, Susan 6831
Omega-3, vitamin A slow the progression of devastating eye disease. Dye, D. Brief article 182
Pharmacological agents in the treatment of venous disease: an update of the available evidence. Brief article 259
Phlebotonics for venous insufficiency. 415
Preventive effects of vitamin e on short-term noise-induced hearing loss in guinea pigs. Brief article 392
Protection against cognitive deficits and markers of neurodegeneration by long-term oral administration of melatonin in a transgenic model of Alzheimer disease. 286
Protective effects of N-acetylcysteine on noise-induced hearing loss in guinea pigs. Brief article 265
Reducing dangerous varicose veins with phlebotonics. Clachar, Sarah 3623
Restless legs syndrome in patients with chronic venous disorders: an untold story. Report 298
Restless legs syndrome: pathophysiology, clinical presentation and management. Brief article 198
Reversing female sexual dysfunction. Downey, Michael 1246
Reversing female sexual dysfunction. Clinical report 3603
Role of lipoxins and resolvins as anti-inflammatory and Proresolving mediators in colon cancer. Brief article 262
Shortened telomeres associated with greater risk of cardiovascular disease and early mortality. Dye, D. Brief article 215
Strategies to protect and preserve your hearing. Brookner, Alexander 2852
Strategies to protect and preserve your hearing. 2881
Study to analyze benefits of vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids in older men and women. Dye, D. Brief article 191
Sulpiride and melatonin decrease tinnitus perception modulating the auditolimbic dopaminergic pathway. Brief article 274
Supplementing a Mediterranean diet with coenzyme Q10 lowers inflammation. Dye, D. Brief article 174
Surgical correction of varicose vein disease under micronized diosmin protection (results of the Russian multicenter controlled trial defans). Brief article 234
The effect of herbal extract (EstroG-100) on pre-, peri-and post-menopausal women: a randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Brief article 235
The effect of sclerotherapy on restless legs syndrome. Brief article 218
The efficacy of N-acetylcysteine to protect the human cochlea from subclinical hearing loss caused by impulse noise: a controlled trial. Brief article 224
The role of free oxygen radicals in noise induced hearing loss: effects of melatonin and methylprednisolone. 340
Veno-active drugs in the management of chronic venous disease. An international consensus statement: current medical position, prospective views and final resolution. Brief article 206
Vulvovaginal atrophy is strongly associated with female sexual dysfunction among sexually active postmenopausal women. Brief article 262

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