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Articles from Life Extension (September 1, 2008)

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A review of the bioactivity of South African herbal teas: rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) and honeybush (Cyclopia intermedia). Brief article 126
A review of the relationship between tooth loss, periodontal disease, and cancer. Brief article 167
Acai (euterpe oleracea mart.) polyphenolics in their glycoside and aglycone forms induce apoptosis of HL-60 leukemia cells. Brief article 156
Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of essential oils of eucalyptus. Brief article 253
Anthocyanin-rich extracts inhibit multiple biomarkers of colon cancer in rats. Brief article 245
Anti-aging research foundation receives charitable status. Singh, Bina Brief article 155
Anti-inflammatory effects of aronia extract on rat endotoxin-induced uveitis. Clinical report 343
Antibacterial, antifungal, and anticancer activities of volatile oils and extracts from stems, leaves, and flowers of eucalyptus sideroxylon and eucalyptus torquata. Brief article 257
Antihyperlipidemic effect of aronia melanocarpa fruit juice in rats fed a high-cholesterol diet. Brief article 212
Antioxidant capacity and other bioactivities of the freeze-dried amazonian palm berry, euterpe oleraceae mart. (ACAI). Brief article 275
Apple extracts prevent stomach damage due to aspirin. Ninger, Laura J. Brief article 189
Association of periodontal disease and tooth loss with rheumatoid arthritis in the US population. Brief article 263
Berry fruits for cancer prevention: current status and future prospects. Brief article 245
Beta carotene protects against sunburn. Ninger, Laura J. Brief article 173
Blueberry prevents bone loss in ovariectomized rat model of postmenopausal osteoporosis. Brief article 221
Blueberry supplementation enhances signaling and prevents behavioral deficits in an Alzheimer disease model. Brief article 111
Calcium and magnesium reduce chemotherapy side effects. Dye, Dayna Brief article 196
Calcium reduces fracture risk. Ozner, Jonathan Brief article 237
Cardiac collaboration. Pabst, M. Letter to the editor 96
Coconut fats. Brief article 213
Correction. Correction notice 131
Deficient vitamin D levels associated with increased heart attack risk. Dye, Dayna Brief article 312
Diabetes mellitus and inflammatory periodontal diseases. Brief article 226
Direct vasoactive and vasoprotective properties of anthocyanin-rich extracts. Clinical report 297
Disease prevention begins in the mouth. Kiefer, Dale Clinical report 5776
Dr. Eva Cwynar: a Beverly Hills physician reveals anti-aging secrets that keep her patients super healthy and super sexy. Roderick, Kyle 1133
Dr. Mehmet Oz: Global Medicine. Kovach, Sue 3505
Effects of 1,8-cineole on the dynamics of lipids and proteins of stratum corneum. Brief article 249
Effects of SCN-/H2O2 combinations in dentifrices on plaque and gingivitis. Brief article 329
Fruit polyphenolics and brain aging: nutritional interventions targeting age-related neuronal and behavioral deficits. Brief article 206
Headline quotes reveal just a few examples of today's health care crisis. Faloon, William 342
Hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effects of aronia melanocarpa fruit juice in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. Brief article 212
Increases in human plasma antioxidant capacity after consumption of controlled diets high in fruit and vegetables. Brief article 241
Inhaled insulin increases lung cancer risk. Rosen, Alan 442
LEF board member addresses European stem cell Congress. Kiefer, Dale Brief article 188
Lipophilic antioxidants in human sebum and aging. Brief article 293
Low-dose resveratrol gets to the heart of longevity. Dye, Dayna Brief article 168
Low-grade inflammation in chronic infectious diseases: paradigm of periodontal infections. 299
Lutein, DHA may prevent age-related macular degeneration. Ninger, Laura J. Brief article 182
Luteolin tames the flames. Dye, Dayna Brief article 190
Markers of systemic bacterial exposure in periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease risk: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Brief article 270
Maternal periodontal disease, systemic inflammation, and risk for preeclampsia. Brief article 251
Melatonin improves sleep in critically ill patients. Ninger, Laura J. Brief article 187
Menthol-induced CA2+ release from presynaptic CA2+ stores potentiates sensory synaptic transmission. Brief article 244
Minimum inhibitory concentration of adherence of Punica granatum Linn (pomegranate) gel against S. mutans, S. mitis and C. albicans. Brief article 214
More than cool: promiscuous relationships of menthol and other sensory compounds. Brief article 122
Natural dietary polyphenolic compounds cause endothelium-dependent vasorelaxation in rat thoracic aorta. Brief article 206
Nutrient combination is protective against Ischemic stroke damage. Kiefer, Dale Brief article 167
Palmitoleic acid isomer (C16:1DELTA6) in human skin sebum is effective against gram-positive bacteria. Brief article 256
Periodontal disease. Brief article 158
Periodontal infections and cardiovascular disease: the heart of the matter. Brief article 278
Petition to reform the FDA. Report 348
Pomegranate juice consumption inhibits serum angiotensin converting enzyme activity and reduces systolic blood pressure. Brief article 151
Pygeum africanum extract prevents prostate cancer. Kiefer, Dale Brief article 186
Recipes for reconstituting skin. 319
Revitalize aging feet: the importance of proactive foot care. Goldfaden, Gary Clinical report 3508
Rheumatoid arthritis, periodontal disease and coronary artery disease. Brief article 252
Salivary hydrogen peroxide produced by holding or chewing green tea in the oral cavity. Brief article 190
Skin photoprotection by green tea: antioxidant and immunomodulatory effects. 346
Studies of the antioxidative effects of green and black tea (camellia sinensis) extracts in rats. Brief article 318
The CR Way: using the secrets of calorie restriction for a longer, healthier life. McGlothin, Paul; Averill, Meredith Recipe 1768
The disease-fighting power of berries. Cherlet, Alison Report 6487
The effect of green, black and white tea on the level of alpha and gamma tocopherols in free radical-induced oxidative damage of human red blood cells. Brief article 219
The menthol receptor TRPM8 is the principal detector of environmental cold. Brief article 224
The potential impact of periodontal disease on general health: a consensus view. Brief article 280
The repressive effect of green tea ingredients on amyloid precursor protein (APP) expression in oral carcinoma cells in vitro and in vivo. Brief article 114
Vitamin D prolongs breast cancer survival. Singh, Bina Brief article 224
Would you tolerate this abuse? Faloon, William 2557
Xylitol and dental caries: an overview for clinicians. Brief article 212
You: Staying Young: The Owner's Manual for Extending Your Warranty. Roizen, Michael F.; Oz, Mehmet C. Excerpt 1578

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