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Life's Little Annoyances: True Tales of People Who Just Can't Take It Anymore.

LIFE'S LITTLE ANNOYANCES: TRUE TALES OF PEOPLE WHO JUST CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE. Ian Urbina. 2005. Read by Stanley Tucci. Abridged. 2 cds. 2 hrs. Audio Renaissance. 1-59397-839-1. $14.95. Cardboard; content, author, reader notes. JSA

Urbina proves that passive/aggressive behavior, usually so infuriating, is often the only sensible response to difficult situations that call for tact or restraint. This thoroughly appealing audiobook examines those daily irritations that make us want to punch someone and shows how actual people have chosen to find safe, legal, creative ways to blow off steam and get even besides. There's the man who stockpiles literature from the Krishnas who solicit near his workplace to discourage the Jehovah's Witnesses who ring his doorbell too often and too early; the gentleman who has accumulated nearly half a million copies of AOL's free installation disks, intending to load a hauler, drive it to AOL's headquarters and announce, "You've got mail"; the city dwellers who put tiny flags in the dog turds their neighbors fail to clean up, and ever so much more. Whoever and wherever you are, you're sure to find your pet peeve among the mix. Tucci reads this deadpan, but no matter. It's wickedly funny. Francine Levitov, New York, NY

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Author:Levitov, Francine
Article Type:Audiobook review
Date:May 1, 2006
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