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Lien Master.

Material suppliers, subcontractors, and general contractors for the improvement of real property are aware that mechanics liens are often the only recourse for protecting the assets of the company. By doing business in more than one state, the mechanic's lien process can be a hassle. Keeping track of the laws and forms in even one state can be confusing at best. Learning all the laws, tracking the jobs, and sending lien releases can also become time consuming.

However, these problems were solved when I became acquainted with Lien Master |TM~. This user-friendly personal computer program does all of the basic paperwork (on plain paper) for any type of private or public mechanic's lien such as preliminary notices, releases, lien warning notices, bond claims and stop notices, and mechanic's lien and bond claims releases. The program can also print related forms like lien information requests, joint check agreements, and promissory notes. It covers almost all the forms you need to establish your right to a claim, and best of all, it does it for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Government (Miller Act).

This program is very easy to use even for the computer novice. The software comes with a thorough manual, although I have not referred to it often. The program automatically installs itself on your hard disk drive. Most of what you have to do is evident, but the F1 or help key on your keyboard will get you going at any time. The great thing about the program is that you only have to enter the data once, which means subsequent forms related to the job can literally take seconds to produce. There is even a reference data base where frequently used names and addresses can be saved for recall into your forms.

The program also has some interesting features for subcontractors and general contractors. Lien Master |TM~ tracks pre-liens, releases, liens made against the customers, and does releases for those who lien.

Some of the main features of Lien Master |TM~ are:

* Creates preliminary notices in 70 to 90 percent less time.

* Generates all necessary forms for preliminary notices, releases (with or without notary), bond claims/mechanic's liens and stop notices, joint check agreements, and any form necessary to the process.

* Is network and multi-user compatible.

* Enables multiple company entry.

* Vendors, service resellers, and attorneys can track and prepare forms for a number of different companies.

* Keeps track of any number of general contractors, owners, banks, or sureties for any job.

* Prints preliminary notices for these additional parties automatically.

* Supports any type of IBM PC or compatible, and any type of printer.

* Gives you all information on form filings for all 50 states and the U.S. Government.

* Completes aging, current jobs, and history file reports.

* Keeps detailed notes on collection activity.

There is an elective, but highly recommended, extended support program for $100 per year which provides free telephone support, program upgrades, and form changes to reflect changes in the laws of each state. A free demonstration copy of the program is available.

Reviewed by Jerry L. Steward, division credit manager, Consolidated Electrical Distributors, Inc., Roseville, Calif.

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Title Annotation:Software Review; financial software
Author:Steward, Jerry L.
Publication:Business Credit
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Date:Nov 1, 1993
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