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Lidocaine a hazard to children.

Lidocaine a Hazard to Children

Winston Salem, N.C.: Lidocaine is often prescribed as a pain reliever. A North Carolina doctor, Ronald B. Mack, M.D., urges caution in the use of the product when dealing with infants and children.

"Many pediatricians would strongly discourage that use," he writes in the journal Emergency Medicine (11/15/1991 because of the potential for adverse effects, especially seizures. We do not use this drug for oral lesions in children and suggest that others not use it either."

Dr. Mack expresses concern about lidocaine in young people because it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and can cause cardiac dysfunction. Permitting patients to administer the drug at home could result in lack of caution.
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Publication:Nutrition Health Review
Date:Mar 22, 1991
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