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Lichen records from La Rioja, Spain.


The study area, the Comunidad Autonoma de La Rioja, is situated in the north-north-east of Spain (Figure 1). According to data from Agoncillo, the Logrono Meteorological Station (period: 1971-2000; altitude: 352 m, Figure 2), the average annual mean temperature is 13.5[degrees]C, and the annual precipitation about 397 mm. The drought period for La Rioja is between June and October.


This study is based on specimens collected by the first author during a EU Socrates Comenius Project Meeting ("Green Days Green Cities") in October 2006, which was hosted by the Instituto de Ensenanza Secundaria Gonzalo de Berceo in Alfaro. The lichen material, including corticolous, saxicolous and terricolous samples, was collected in three localities. Geographic coordinates and elevations were recorded as well as the substratum types; full locality information is given below. Determinations were made using standard identification methods with the aid of regional identification manuals (Clauzade & Roux, 1985; Purvis & al., 1992;Wirth, 1995).

The lichen specimens are preserved in the Herbarium, Faculty of Science and Arts, University of Marmara, Istanbul (MUFE); with accession numbers ESP01 - ESP40. These accession numbers belong to a special collection, the Lichenes Espana, in MUFE.


Thirty-five lichen taxa identified in the collections made are listed alphabetically below. In the list, the names of taxa are followed by locality and substratum information and the herbarium accession numbers.

Nine taxa are new records for La Rioja, and are indicated with an asterisk (*). These species were not cited for La Rioja by Feuerer (2007) and Burgaz & al. (2007).



The nomenclature follows Santesson et al. (2004), with some subsequent updating. Abbreviations used for substratum-type data in the listare: SR: sliceous rock; TR: terricolous; EP: Epiphytic (Liquidambar orientalis, Populus sp., or Salix sp. The localities are, LR01: Alfaro, Fields, 280 m, 42[degrees]11'22.20''N - 01[degrees]44'44.30''W, 29 Oct. 2006. LR02: Igea, Arbol Fosil 655 m, 42[degrees]03'05.30''N - 02[degrees]01'55.40''W, 30Oct. 2006. LR03: Enciso, Senda de los Dinosaurios de Enciso, 845 m, 42[degrees]08'14.58''N - 02[degrees]15'21.97''W, 30Oct. 2006.

1. Aspicilia cinerea (L.) Korb. LR02, SR (ESP-28).

2. A. contorta (Hoffm.) Kremp. LR03, SR (ESP-29).

3. *Buellia aethalea (Ach.) Th. Fr. LR02, SR (ESP-01).

4. Caloplaca cerina (Ehrh. ex Hedw.) Th. Fr. LR01, EP on Salix sp., Liquidambar orientalis, (ESP-02); LR03, on Populus sp. (ESP-30).

5. *C. crenularia (With.) J.R. Laundon LR02, SR (ESP-03).

6. *C. luteoalba (Turner) Th. Fr. LR01, EP on Salix sp., Liquidambar orientalis (ESP-04).

7. *Candelariella aurella (Hoffm.) Zahlbr. LR03, SR (ESP-40).

8. C. vitellina (Hoffm.) Mull. Arg. LR02, SR (ESP-05). LR03, SR (ESP-31).

9. C. xanthostigma (Pers.) Lettau LR03, EP on Populus sp.,(ESP-32).

10. Cetraria aculeata (Schreb.) Fr. LR03, TR (ESP-06).

11. Cladonia convoluta (Lam.) Cout. LR03, TR (ESP-32).

12. Cl. furcata (Huds.) Schrad. subsp. furcata LR03, TR (ESP-07).

13. Cl. rangiformis (L.) Weber ex F.H. Wigg. LR03, TR (ESP-08).

14. *Cl. strepsilis (Ach.) Vain. LR02, TR, (ESP-09).

15. Lecanora argentata (Ach.) Malme LR01, EP on Liquidambar orientalis (ESP-10).

16. L. chlarotera Nyl. LR01 on Salix sp. (ESP-11).

17. *L. dispersa (Pers.) Sommerf. LR01, EP on Liquidambar orientalis (ESP-12).

18. *L. piniperda Korb. LR01, EP, on Liquidambar orientalis (ESP-13).

19. L. pulicaris (Pers.) Ach. LR03, TR, (ESP-14).

20. *L. saligna (Schrad.) Zahlbr. LR03, TR (ESP-15).

21. L. symmicta (Ach.) Ach. LR01, EP on Salix sp. (ESP-16).

22. Lecidella carpathica Korb. LR03, SR (ESP-33).

23. L. elaeochroma (Ach.) M. Choisy LR01, EP on Salix sp.; LR03, on bark (ESP-17).

24. Parmelina pastillifera (Harm.) Hale LR01, EP, on Salix sp., (ESP-18).

25. Phaeophyscia orbicularis (Neck.) Moberg LR01, EP on Liquidambar orientalis (ESP-20); LR03, EP on Populus sp. (ESP-34).

26. Physcia adscendens (Th. Fr.) H. Olivier LR03, EP on Populus sp. (ESP-35).

27. P. tenella (Scop.) DC. LR03, SR (ESP-36).

28. Rhizocarpon geographicum (L.) DC. LR02, SR (ESP-21); LR03, SR (ESP-37).

29. R. simillimum (Anzi) Lettau LR02, SR (ESP-22).

30. R. subgeminatum Eitner LR02, SR, (ESP-23).

31. Xanthoparmelia pulla (Ach.) O. Blanco et al. var. pulla LR02, SR (ESP-24).

32. X. delisei (Duby) O. Blanco et al. LR03, SR (ESP-38).

33. X.tinctina (Maheu & A. Gillet) Hale LR02, SR, (ESP-19).

34. Xanthoria parietina (L.) Th. Fr. LR01, EP on Salix sp., and Liquidambar orientalis (ESP-25); LR02, on bark (ESP-26); LR03, EP on Populus sp, (ESP-39).

35. *X. polycarpa (Hoffm.) Rieber LR01, EP on Salix sp., and Liquidambar orientalis (ESP-27).


We would like to thank Carmen Casal Fornos (Jefa del Area de Documentacion y Publicaciones, Ministerio de Medio Ambiente) for assistance in obtaining the meteorological data of La Rioja Community; Ana Rosa Burgaz and David L. Hawksworth (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) for their contribution to this list and for reviewing the manuscript; and Manuel Moreno-Marin (IES Gonzalo de Berceo, Alfaro, La Rioja) for his friendly partnership in the Comenius Project "Green Days Green Cities", and for the trips and fieldwork in and around Alfaro city. Also to The Turkish National Agency (Centre for European Union Education and Youth Programme) funded the Turkish Coordinator School with grants 06-TUR01-S2C01-00550-1 and 07-TUR01-CO06-01075-2. The Project partners were Pendik Kaynarca fievket Sabanci Lisesi from istanbul, IES Gonzalo de Berceo from Alfaro, La Rioja, and Palatul Copiilor Constanta from Constanta, Romania

Recibido: 31 marzo 2008

Aceptado: 12 mayo 2008


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Mustafa Yavuz (*) & Gulcah Cobanoglu (**)

(*) Pendik Kaynarca Sevket Sabanci Lisesi, Pendik. 34899 Istanbul. Turkey.

(**) Department of Biology. University of Marmara. Goztepe Campus. 34722 Istanbul. Turkey.
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