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Licenced to thrill; Tomorrow Never Dies ITV, 8.00pm - 10.20pm.

AS with Golden Eye, you get the feeling that with these Pierce Brosnan ones, they're not just trying to make a James Bond movie, but every Bond movie.

This movie is so keen to show Bond into all his natural habitats that he moves through them one after another in one long knackering sequence.

Right in the middle of the film, he gets dropped out of a plane and into the sea for an underwater fight, at which point he gets captured, and taken to baddie headquarters, only to escape through oriental streets to get to a secret hideaway where he can tool up with gadgets and head off to a hidden war factory for the big climax.

If it stood still for a second, of course, it might reveal how thinly written the whole thing is.

The Bond people are so keen to produce a new one every two years like they used to do with Connery and Moore that they start making each one long before they actually have any ideas for it.

By all accounts, Pierce Brosnan sat sweating on rooftops in Saigon while the writers tried to decide what was going to happen next.

Not that this really matters, Bond movies are usually about the same stuff anyway, and this one is a sack of fun. Jonathan Pryce is naff as the media-monster villain and Terri Hatcher is a brief irritation as Bond's old flame, but Brosnan is obviously getting into it and he's swift and smooth with the old sadistic glee of 007's licence to kill. (1997)

Arabella's just a punter

She's Gotta Have IT Ch4, 8.30pm

DOES the girl who gets the pounds 50 budget on Channel Four's popular fashion really enjoy herself?

That's the burning question we asked new host of the show Liza Tarbuck fronted before she headed off to the Big Breakfast, Arabella Weir.,

"All the girls are up for it. I think generally the girl who has pounds 1,000 more thrilled, but some of the girls who have pounds 50 have been more game."

Not that it matters a hoot really, as the stars of the show don't get to keep their rig-outs, as Arabella told us.

"Oh no, they don't get to keep the clothes, " she laughed, "but they do all get the same present at the end.

"I'm not at liberty to say what it is, but it's not bad, put it that way."

This show's not bad either, and a nice little job for Arabella - the woman who coined the phrase, `Does my bum look big in this?', using it in her Fast Show sketches, and as the title of her first book.

Fashion is about, she admits, one of her big things.

But she does love this job. "I just like going out to the shops, and fooling around really," she laughs.

"No, I am enjoying it very much. I don't have a huge interest in fashion, and that's not a bad thing.

"I'm no fashion victim you see, and this show isn't about that - it's a bout real fashion."

Arabella does want to look her best on the show, but she draws the limit at certain high fashion looks.

"I will not wear things that look like my granny's galoshes, even if someone tells me they are the latest Prada shoes - no way!" she shrieks.

"My agent had a pair on her feet and told me they cost about pounds 900. I told her she's been had!"

Arabella isn't clued up on fashion, and admits she has witched none of the other fashion shows on TV.

But she reckons that's put her in a great position for this show.

"Quite literally I am an uninformed punter, and that's good," she states. "I'm in the same position as the contributors, I am not in the world of fashion.

"If I say `that Prada shoe is horrible and ugly', then I am telling it as it is. I'm the people's choice, the fun approach to fashion."
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