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Licence to get wed.

DURING the Second World War life was uncertain and the opportunities for happiness were precious and grabbed with both hands. Which is why, in 1941, couples could get married at short notice.

"If you had plenty of time, the happy couple could give 21 days' notice, but there was a war on," says old chum Austin Holroyd from Almondbury.

"The alternative was to get married by licence, which, from memory, needed 24 hours' clear notice, a much more popular option.

"I don''t know whether it still applies, but a stupid anomaly was that the registrar had to get the marriage licence from the post office, at the counter where it said Licences: dogs, wirelesses etc."

Which conjures a wonderful image of standing in line and being asked, "Do you want a licence for your dog?" "No, for my fiancee, please." Austin recalls: "As junior clerk (at the register office) it was my job to fetch them, and the counter girls would go into hysterics when this young lad went on to Northumberland Street for three or four marriage licences twice a week!" Ah yes, another wonderful image.. A LADY called Miss Ivy Sykes rang the office to say the Upper Agbrigg Bank was in Princess Street and was known as the Penny Bank.

This follows on the reminiscences about the Huddersfield and Agbrigg Savings Bank many years ago which eventually merged with the Trustee Savings Bank. It also illustrates the changing wealth of the world and inflation.

Wasn''t the Yorkshire Bank once also known as the Penny Bank back in the days when people saved pennies until they became shillings until they became pounds?
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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Oct 12, 2009
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