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Libya Dialogue in Tunis Ended without Apparent Agreement.

Meeting of the Libya Political Dialogue members and the Presidential Council of the UN-backed GNA in Tunisia,17 July 2016. UNSMIL photo.

Tunis' Nothing much seems to have been accomplished by a long prepared UN-sponsored three-day meeting of a group of Libyan politicians, at least according to the final statement issued by the gathering delegates on Monday evening.

The so-called 'consultation meeting' of the Libyan Political Dialogue (LPD) group has lasted for three days in Tunis, Tunisia and discussed the latest developments in the country as well as the security, economic and social crises that have engulfing the Libyan population since the adoption of the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) in December 2016.

Members of the LPD exchanged ideas, along with accusations, with some members of the Presidential Council and the Prime Minister Designate Fayez Sarraj focusing on the day-to-day living difficulties faced by Libyans and the inability of the UN-imposed government to bring solutions to them.

According to the statement, the LPD has decided to keep on holding further meetings as 'to follow up the steps that will be taken by the Presidential Council to tackle a number of crises' such as power shortage and continuous blackouts on all Libyan cities, shortage of banknotes in banks, the opening of roads that are blocked by militias in and around Tripoli.

Also 'finding the means which enhance the security situation in the whole country,' said the statement.

The LPD will also observe the implantation of the security arrangements as stated in the UN-sponsored Political Agreement of December 2015 as well as speeding up the resumption of oil exports.

The statement also called on the two Presidential Council's members, Ali Ghotrani and Omar al-Aswad, who have boycotted the council to 'immediately rejoin the council meetings'.

Both Ghotrani and al-Aswad froze their membership in the council citing lack of transparency, seriousness and undemocratic traditions in dealing with vital policy issues including the process of naming the cabinet which has yet to be approved by the House of Representatives.

The statement called on the House of Representatives to abide by the Political Agreement and it said it would form a committee with the purpose to demand the parliament to implement articles 16 and 17 of the Political Agreement. It warned that the parliament would be held responsible for failing to carry out its duties.

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Publication:The Tripoli Post (Tripoli, Libya)
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Date:Jul 19, 2016
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