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Breaking News! Look What Happens when Teachers Work with the School Librarian. Hutchinson, Elizabeth Jun 22, 2019 2442
Creating a Primary School Reading Culture: At Dogmersfield School. Band, Barbara Jun 22, 2019 1350
Enabling Students to Learn by Finding Out for Themselves: Our Journey from FOSIL to the FOSIL Group. Toerien, Darryl Jun 22, 2019 1404
My First Year After Library School. Delaney, Lindsay Jun 1, 2019 1640
USING PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS FOR LIBRARY PROGRAMS AND OPERATIONS. Strub, Maurini; Monte, Lauren Di; Patil, Nilesh May 1, 2019 2320
Empowering a Consortium With Open Source: The switch to Evergreen ... has improved the customer experience at member libraries in a number of ways. Bruneau, Jennifer Apr 1, 2019 1879
Managing Tech and the Impact of Cloud Computing on Libraries. Breeding, Marshall Mar 1, 2019 1344
computers in libraries 2019 conference overview. Conference notes Mar 1, 2019 2965
Study of Library Policies in Universities. Ahmadianyazdi, Fahimeh; Chandrashekara, M.; Marjaei, Seyedhadi Report Mar 1, 2019 4848
Establishing Library Learning Commons in Universities of India: A Case Study of BHU Library System. Singh, Punit Kumar Case study Mar 1, 2019 3587
Becoming a Showcase Learning Commons District One District's Journey. Kompar, Fran Essay Feb 1, 2019 2408
How to Run a School Library in 3.5 Hours a Week: Tower Hamlets SLS Programme of Professional Librarians in Primary Schools (PLIPS). Chambers, Lucy Dec 22, 2018 2008
Beyond Mysterious Stain Removal: Top Skills for School Librarians. Moore, Rebecca Oct 1, 2018 1882
ALA president Loida Garcia-Febo announced a slate of programs and tools designed to reach out to the organization's international members. Brief article Oct 1, 2018 140
IMPROVING THE PATRON DIGITAL EXPERIENCE WITH SimplyE: Could it be that, for libraries and their patrons, SimplyE is the holy grail of developers, that 'one app to rule them all'? Blackwell, Michael Product/service evaluation Oct 1, 2018 2311
Going Responsive. West, Jessamyn Oct 1, 2018 1167
Evaluating Your Online Presence: How Many Websites, Repositories, and Databases Do You Actually Need? Hollenbach, Natasha Oct 1, 2018 2117
Blockchain Technology in the Library. Herther, Nancy K. Sep 1, 2018 3437
Tech Tools at SLA. Guevara, Sophia Sep 1, 2018 675
Troubleshooting Fundamentals: A Beginner's Guide. Carter, Sunshine J.; Traill, Stacie Jul 1, 2018 2216
Next-Generation Tools and Strategies. Ojala, Marydee Conference news Jul 1, 2018 2006
Documenting the Stewardship of Libraries: The Eastern Academic Scholars' Trust Validation Sample Studies. Amato, Sara; Stearns, Susan Report Jul 1, 2018 5486
"Brave before Perfect": A New Approach for Future-Ready Librarians. Chun, Traci Jun 1, 2018 1976
Embrace the DAM Work and Take the Lead. Kent, Ales May 1, 2018 2002
How to Select a New ILS/LSP Vendor. Collins, Carol Morgan; Fink, Eliza Apr 1, 2018 2918
ERM Strategies in Academic Libraries: Historical Evolution and Current Context. Breeding, Marshall Apr 1, 2018 3151
When the Teens Take Over. Jones, Sarah J. Apr 1, 2018 1530
Classroom Management in the School Library. Pentland, Courtney Apr 1, 2018 2343
What Collaboration Means to Us. Emery, Jill; Levine-Clark, Michael Apr 1, 2018 1198
Partnership in Praxis. Cates, Rhiannon M. Column Apr 1, 2018 1215
Creating Community: Drawing on Staff Expertise to Break Down Silos in Academic Libraries. Birrell, Lori; Strong, Marcy A. Report Apr 1, 2018 2741
Mapping the LSP Migration Project: An Implementation Blueprint: While it's impossible to plan for every contingency, having an implementation blueprint to map the migration project will help everyone prepare for the work that lies ahead. Waterhouse, Janetta Mar 1, 2018 3359
From SirsiDynix Symphony to Alma/Primo: Lessons Learned From an ILS Migration. Yang, Zhongqin "June"; Venable, Linda Mar 1, 2018 2049
Systems Migration: Opportunities Revamp Automation Strategies. Breeding, Marshall Mar 1, 2018 1585
DALNET Consortium: How We Migrated to a Unified Platform: Many times it seemed a bit like Abbott and Costello's 'Who's on First' sketch except with more frustration and less hilarity. Wolford, Cathy Organization overview Mar 1, 2018 1991
The Trouble With Transformations. Ojala, Marydee Editorial Mar 1, 2018 506
How to Keep Up with Emerging Technology: [T]HE TECHNOLOGY DECISIONS YOU MAKE TODAY WILL AFFECT YOUR LIBRARY TOMORROW. King, David Lee Dec 1, 2017 2010
Translating Technobabble: all you really need to know about URIS, LINKED DATA, and FRBR. Banerjee, Kyle Dec 1, 2017 2118
Becoming a Manager. McDonald, Nicola Dec 1, 2017 1821
How to Manage Libtech Innovation With Wardley Value Chain Mapping. Williams, Brett Oct 1, 2017 2004
(In)designing better libraries. Hoenke, Justin Column Sep 1, 2017 1252
Safe spaces vs. sanctuary. Colvin, Sharon Aug 1, 2017 1902
Be a book booster. McLean, Laye Jul 1, 2017 1075
Library Inventory Methods: Using Flexibility and Creativity to Achieve a Common Goal Within a Federated Library System. Harveland, Jennifer Report Jul 1, 2017 3351
Technology Matters: You Can't Be Serious. Ayre, Lori Bowen Jul 1, 2017 1304
Paying homage to the SLA: lessons from Turkey. Kardas, Ann Jun 22, 2017 1817
Online legacies and digital estate planning. Zastrow, Jan Jun 1, 2017 2118
Moving forward, letting go. Breeding, Marshall May 1, 2017 1201
Blending innovative and strategic technologies: while we tend to gravitate toward the tried-and-true, newer and innovative Technologies offer great potential. Breeding, Marshall Apr 1, 2017 1692
How flexible is your future collection? Birch, Katie Brief article Mar 1, 2017 290
Meeting the challenge of simultaneously managing digital, electronic, and print collections. Breeding, Marshall Mar 1, 2017 1917
How flexible is your future collection? Birch, Katie Brief article Mar 1, 2017 290
The learning commons: a strategic opportunity for teacher librarian leadership. Moreillon, Judi Feb 1, 2017 2565
Summit preview: How to future-proof your library: Brainstorming with the thought leaders at CIL '17: 'the depth of expertise, the passion, and the credibility that each partner brings produces a far greater result than we could ever achieve on our own. Jones, Rebecca; Dysart, Jane Jan 1, 2017 2288
Technology to amplify the impact of libraries. Breeding, Marshall Jan 1, 2017 1379
Get to know your legislators: organizing a legislator visit. Kachel, Debra Dec 1, 2016 1603
Anticipating the next phase of the library-technology industry. Breeding, Marshall Dec 1, 2016 1801
Libraries, wildlife, app development, and change management. Sanchez, Joseph Cover story Nov 1, 2016 2502
Impact of ICT on cataloguing and classification of library materials in three university libraries in AKWA-IBOM State, Nigeria. Robert, Blessing Etukudo; Edem, Nkoyo B. Report Oct 1, 2016 4596
Monograph validation strategies in shared print programs: Variations and value. Koch, Teri; Welch, Andrew J. Essay Jul 1, 2016 6893
Libraries, prosperity's wicked problems, and the gifting economy. Howley, Brendan Jul 1, 2016 1682
How far have we travelled? Looking backwards and forwards! Dubber, Geoff Jun 22, 2016 2866
Open source software: innovation and disruption. Breeding, Marshall May 1, 2016 1925
Small Is Beautiful. Howley, Brendan Column May 1, 2016 1597
The little English library: Inspiring children's love of language. Redding, Helen Mar 22, 2016 1760
Disintegration to integration and back: today, the key question centers on the extent to which patron-facing discovery products should be packaged together with resource management systems or if libraries can mix offerings from different providers. Breeding, Marshall Mar 1, 2016 2552
Sustaining a makerspace. Fontichiaro, Kristin Feb 1, 2016 2091
Time for open source. Engard, Nicole C. Jan 1, 2016 2204
EDUCAUSE builds on IT strengths. Ojala, Marydee Conference notes Dec 1, 2015 666
Supporting STEM to remain relevant. Killeen, Erlene Bishop Dec 1, 2015 648
Adoption patterns of proprietary and open source ILS in U.S. libraries. Breeding, Marshall Oct 1, 2015 2156
Everybody's teacher: administrators' and teachers' perceptions of school librarians findings from the South Carolina Association of School Librarians impact study. Gavigan, Karen; Lance, Keith Curry Report Oct 1, 2015 2477
From library to learning commons: our Crescent Heights High School Experience. Mueller, Lisa Report Oct 1, 2015 3837
Repurposing for the future: a library story. Wolfe, Susan; Reuling, Linda Report Oct 1, 2015 2856
Washington State School Library Impact Study: the backstory how school library impact studies happen. Kaaland, Christie; Seasholes, Craig Report Oct 1, 2015 2813
Library Lover's Day. McGarry, Jannine Oct 1, 2015 504
Ten ways to transform 21st-century libraries. Hollingsworth, Charla; Stultz, Lisa Aug 1, 2015 2036
About getting along with other departments. Rockefeller, Elsworth Aug 1, 2015 1816
Monitoring the pulse: data-driven collection management: the more specifically librarians can organize and manage circulation data, the more they can hone collection development and strategize to improve usage. Meyer, Jeffrey Jul 1, 2015 1714
Mapping library spaces: measuring the effectiveness of school libraries using a sociospatial approach. Ee, Loh Chin Case study Jun 22, 2015 2050
Aspirations and opportunities: advocacy for school library programs. Kirkland, Anita Brooks Jun 22, 2015 1382
Making your popcorn and enjoying it too. Anderson, Sean; Northam, Adam Apr 1, 2015 2531
Integrating communities of practice into library services. Kim, Jong-Ae Report Apr 1, 2015 4630
Who's out there? The power of spatial data. Ayre, Lori Bowen Apr 1, 2015 749
Academic libraries and innovation: a literature review. Brundy, Curtis Report Mar 1, 2015 7174
Moving mountains: surviving the migration to LibGuides 2.0. Hernandez, John J.; McKeen, Lauren Mar 1, 2015 2685
Our trek to discovery: a tale of implementation. Colson, Jeannie; Allen, Kelly Mar 1, 2015 3439
Learning from lean startups. Fichter, Darlene Mar 1, 2015 1970
Make room for a makerspace: students, faculty, and staff members are learning new things, working with their peers, considering new ideas, exploring, tinkering, inventing, and making. Harris, Jennifer; Cooper, Chris Mar 1, 2015 2792
The academic library and campus IT: a strategic approach to library IT management. Robison, Rick; Wenzler, John; Marquez, Joe J. Mar 1, 2015 3282
The journey from library to learning commons. Steele, Ryan Essay Feb 1, 2015 1322
We can't do it alone: how New York City is building strong school libraries with leadership, partnerships, and outreach. Ellis, Leanne; Israel, Melissa Jacobs Feb 1, 2015 2878
Third year review. Ray, Mark Column Feb 1, 2015 1527
Dealing with religion. Killeen, Erlene Bishop Viewpoint essay Feb 1, 2015 954
Selection strategies for strategic library technologies. Breeding, Marshall Jan 1, 2015 3534
Heritage libraries and historical research. Delsaerdt, Pierre Report Jan 1, 2015 2255
Home Grown ebooks: North Carolina's collaborative ebook pilot project. Morris, Jill Report Jan 1, 2015 3037
Library technology forecast for 2015 and beyond. Breeding, Marshall Dec 1, 2014 1977
The evolution of a traditional library to a learning commons. Ackroyd, Joan L. Essay Dec 1, 2014 2608
Building digital collections on a budget. Mindel, David; Russell, Kate Cover story Nov 1, 2014 2597
Considering RFID? Consider this. Handy, Stephanie Nov 1, 2014 2540
Fact or fiction? libraries can thrive in the digital age: legal restrictions, further technology development, and an industry that has yet to find its footing pose challenges and opportunities to school librarians who are trying to go digital. Harris, Christopher Nov 1, 2014 3297
Managing e-resources: did you choose your stuff or did it choose you? Webb, Heidi J. Oct 1, 2014 2387
iStaff: a judgment-free community. Kowalski, Sue Oct 1, 2014 1962
Creating a welcoming environment. Todd, Kate Oct 1, 2014 3054
Betting on a learning commons in Las Vegas. Bratsouleas-Urias, Nichole Oct 1, 2014 2703
What's in a name? Boudrye, Jennifer Oct 1, 2014 1542
Data-driven libraries. Breeding, Marshall Sep 1, 2014 2489
Influence: 7 rules (and you can't just do one!). Abram, Stephen Editorial Sep 1, 2014 1795
Show, don't tell: data visualization for libraries. McDermott, Irene E. Jul 1, 2014 1700
Creating the conditions for innovation. Huwe, Terence K. Jul 1, 2014 1664
The sound of the crowd: using social media to develop best practices for Open Access Workflows for Academic Librarians (OAWAL). Emery, Jill; Stone, Graham Report Jul 1, 2014 4591
Low-hanging fruit: leveraging short-term partnerships to advance academic library outreach goals. Meyer, Erin E. Report Jul 1, 2014 5154
Lighting the touchpaper: it's time to have your say on the big issues. Lancaster, Adam Column Jun 22, 2014 1390
Pupil librarians: an insider's view. Kearney, James Column Jun 22, 2014 1336
Stretching with the 'intellectual ecology'. Huwe, Terence K. Jun 1, 2014 1582
Balancing the management of electronic and print resources. Breeding, Marshall Jun 1, 2014 1666
Make it so: you can start a maker club at your school library! Buerkett, Rebecca Sofferman Essay Jun 1, 2014 2591
Taking community to the world. LaRue, Jamie Essay Apr 1, 2014 916
Using technology to increase community engagement. Ayre, Lori Bowen Apr 1, 2014 738
Review of "The Bookless Library," New Republic. Mackey, Ellen Apr 1, 2014 933
Taming of the teens. Fesko, Shari Apr 1, 2014 946
Supporting the next-generation ILS: the changing roles of systems librarians. Fu, Ping Report Mar 1, 2014 4405
The innovative academic library: implementing a marketing orientation to better address user needs and improve communication. Almquist, Arne J. Report Mar 1, 2014 3811
An ugly weed: innovative deselection to address a shelf space crisis. Arbeeny, Pamela; Chittenden, Lloyd Report Mar 1, 2014 3398
Attacking our problems. Quint, Barbara Editorial Mar 1, 2014 873
Linking research to practice: the rise of evidence-based health sciences librarianship. Marshall, Joanne Gard Lecture Jan 1, 2014 5026
Our users are our allies. Huwe, Terence K. Jan 1, 2014 1577
How super-consortia saved our libraries from the forces of evil ... and themselves. Sandler, Mark Report Jan 1, 2014 2133
Planning from the middle out: phase 1 of 2CUL technical services integration. Harcourt, Kate; LeBlanc, Jim Report Jan 1, 2014 3533
Toward improved discoverability of scholarly content: cross-sector collaboration essentials. Somerville, Mary M.; Conrad, Lettie Y. Report Jan 1, 2014 2468
2013 SLA School Librarian of the Year: profiles of the honour list librarians. Doyle, Ginette Dec 22, 2013 1055
The Power of (in) the (Im)possible: principles of the possible. Todd, Ross J. Dec 1, 2013 6681
Continuing the transition work from traditional library to learning commons. Bentheim, Christina A. Column Dec 1, 2013 2725
Take the cool test: connected, open, outgoing, and learning-centered. Ray, Mark Dec 1, 2013 1714
The social life of digital collections. Huwe, Terence K. Nov 1, 2013 1621
Doing the legwork, building the foundation, and setting the stage for meaningful transition from traditional library to learning commons. Bentheim, Christina A. Oct 1, 2013 2616
Is it really time to replace your ILS with a next-generation option? Kelley, Keith; Leatherman, Carrie C.; Rinna, Geraldine Oct 1, 2013 3624
Library technology: the next generation. Breeding, Marshall Oct 1, 2013 1884
External communications and promotions: the University of Regina library experience. Shires, J. Michael Case study Oct 1, 2013 7957
Finding library solutions in adjacent industries. Ayre, Lori Bowen Oct 1, 2013 1180
Knowledge management 101. Drake, Miriam A. Sep 1, 2013 1401
Executive profile. Babbitt, Jamie Sep 1, 2013 323
Tech trends and challenges for K-12 school libraries. Breeding, Marshall Sep 1, 2013 2558
Social media: strategies for success for music libraries, or beyond creating an account. Castonguay, Remi Report Jul 1, 2013 2741
Going to the cloud vs doing it in-house. Carson, Pamela; Botter, Kathleen; Krujelskis, Stephen Jul 1, 2013 4458
Summon web-scale discovery service implementation: an organizational readiness case study. Somerville, Mary M. Jul 1, 2013 3104
Sound and fury: buying Open Source vs. Proprietary ILS. Hamby, Rogan Jul 1, 2013 2981
Free web-based apps for libraries. McDermott, Irene E. Jul 1, 2013 1829
Whither library consortia? Horton, Valerie Report Jul 1, 2013 1969
Library faculty and instructional assessment: Creating a culture of assessment through the high performance programming model of organizational transformation. Farkas, Meredith G.; Hinchliffe, Lisa J. Report Jul 1, 2013 6413
Partnering with public library services: a town and gown affair. Cisse, Sarah Report Jul 1, 2013 1530
RFID, GPS, and 3G: Radio wave technologies and privacy. Ayre, Lori Bowen Jul 1, 2013 1700
Teaching public library administration through epistemic gaming. Becnel, Kim; O'Shea, Patrick Report Jun 22, 2013 4680
Overcoming our habits and learning to measure impact. Hosseini-Ara, Moe; Jones, Rebecca Jun 1, 2013 3163
Upping our game: unlocking real value in libraries. Abram, Stephen Jun 1, 2013 2163
Mining data for library decision support. Breeding, Marshall Jun 1, 2013 2044
Pressing limits of scale for library technology. Breeding, Marshall May 1, 2013 1509
Library technologists as agents of change. Ross, Rob May 1, 2013 1216
'Commit, already'. King, David Lee Brief article Apr 1, 2013 126
Share and share alike. Brudno, Susan Apr 1, 2013 633
Data discovery and data duration going hand in hand. Huwe, Terence K. Apr 1, 2013 1594
Real learning in the learning commons. Loertscher, David V. Column Apr 1, 2013 864
Embracing into: library plans and campus collaboration to serve an increased international student population. Farrell, Shannon L.; Cranston, Catherine L.; Bullington, Jeffrey S. Report Apr 1, 2013 12249
Small but perfectly formed: a new library for Stenness Community School. Lawrence, Elizabeth; Sinclair, Frances Mar 22, 2013 1527
Akili Trust: Supporting libraries in east Africa. Dix, Pam Cover story Mar 22, 2013 2119
Selling circulation records (well, almost). Quint, Barbara Mar 1, 2013 758
Apps for everyone. Brudno, Susan Mar 1, 2013 835
Using apps to extend the library's brand: what matters the most is that we become active in the world of apps and use our collection development and curation skills to add value wherever we can. Huwe, Terence K. Mar 1, 2013 1681
Dump Dewey or build service? Killeen, Erlene Bishop Feb 1, 2013 960
Selecting a shared 21st century management system. Cornish, Alan; Jost, Richard; Arch, Xan Report Jan 1, 2013 7482
Technical infrastructure in libraries: to tweak or transform? Breeding, Marshall Jan 1, 2013 2125
New Year's checklist for tech hygiene. West, Jessamyn Jan 1, 2013 1510
Down the Rabbit hole: chasing a lost book. McEwen, Ian Essay Dec 1, 2012 1189
Make your library a center for homework help. Dec 1, 2012 381
Everybody's doing it, but everyone could use some help. Ekart, Donna F. Dec 1, 2012 1457
Deal makers and breakers in the library marketplace. Quint, Barbara Nov 1, 2012 798
Counting on counter: the current state of e-resource usage data in libraries. Welker, Josh Nov 1, 2012 2689
In search of the next value proposition. Huwe, Terence K. Nov 1, 2012 1726
Supporting the knowledge continuum through technology: from consumption to fabrication. Blowers, Helene Nov 1, 2012 1525
MULER: building an Electronic Resource Management (ERM) solution at York University. Lupton, Aaron; Salmon, Marcia K. Report Oct 1, 2012 5146
How to ensure our library systems are horse-high, bull-strong, and pig-tight: as with fences that need to keep in a wide variety of livestock, our library systems must meet the needs of all types of users in an efficient and effective way, especially with regard to the discovery system. Waterhouse, Janetta Oct 1, 2012 3030
Why mission-critical systems are critical to the future of academic libraries: libraries are a learning environment for their institutions. Therefore, what is happening within the institution is more important than what is happening inside of library processes. Oberlander, Cyril Oct 1, 2012 2536
Managing mission-critical infrastructure: libraries tend toward a state of inertia in respect to their automation systems, even in the face of increasing frustration with its capabilities relative to their current requirements. Breeding, Marshall Oct 1, 2012 2432
Coping with complex collections: managing print and digital: the increasing richness and corresponding complexity of library collections are a reality that isn't likely to abate, nor would we want it to. Breeding, Marshall Sep 1, 2012 2270
Library values that interface with technology: public service information professionals, Zotero, and open source software decision making. Fernandez, Peter Report Sep 1, 2012 6439
The development of a collection development policy. Cabonero, David A.; Mayrena, Liezl B. Report Sep 1, 2012 12814
Products and services by vendor. Jul 1, 2012 10343
10% wrong for 90% done: a practical approach to collection deduping: Investment in open source paid off for libraries beyond South Carolina, creating a single, more coherent collection out of many. Hamby, Rogan May 1, 2012 2985
From disaster recovery to digital preservation: libraries face enormous challenges in finding ways to preserve their collections as they move more deeply into the digital arena. Breeding, Marshall May 1, 2012 2687
Ifttt: if this, then what? Ekart, Donna F. May 1, 2012 1624
Lowering the threshold for automation in small libraries: successful technology implementations most often involve a partnership between a library and an external support organization. Breeding, Marshal! Apr 1, 2012 2372
Determining if open source is right for you. Blowers, Helene Apr 1, 2012 1773
Workshop on libraries automation concludes. Brief article Mar 11, 2012 202
Content: integration creating a scalable common platform for information resources. Berenstein, Max; Katz, Demian Mar 1, 2012 2048
Lessons from Steve Jobs: a digital framework for tapping into patrons' emotions. Blowers, Helene Mar 1, 2012 1866
From art on the wall to something for all: how an academic library turned its art collection into a campus attraction. Cirasella, Jill; Deutch, Miriam Report Mar 1, 2012 6438
Academic librarians in second life. Cote, Denise; Kraemer, Beth; Nahl, Diane; Ashford, Robin Report Mar 1, 2012 9276
Online management system: wielding Web 2.0 tools to collaboratively manage and track projects. Westbrook, R. Niccole Report Mar 1, 2012 4257
CLP LYNCS: bringing a library to the Pittsburgh Public Market. Branning, Megan; Henline, Nicole; Yonick, Amy Report Mar 1, 2012 4940
Utilizing Google Docs as an assessment tool for academic reference librarians. Frutchey, Jim Report Mar 1, 2012 1826
Learning to the second power: inquiry-based collaboration and learning commons. Wallace, Virginia; Husid, Whitney Feb 1, 2012 2747
Library web-scale. Breeding, Marshall Jan 1, 2012 2153
Responding to the strategy question one road map at a time. Blowers, Helene Jan 1, 2012 1524
Preparing LIS professionals for leadership. Jange, Suresh Report Jan 1, 2012 4603
I've seen the future, and it's surprisingly cheap. Reynolds, Veronica Dec 1, 2011 2533
New perspectives on a familiar space. Kowalski, Sue Dec 1, 2011 1506
Keep it simple and sexy. Ray, Mark Dec 1, 2011 1858
Sources of funds in academic libraries in Delta State, Nigeria. Ubogu, Janet Onomeh; Okiy, Rose B. Report Dec 1, 2011 2262
Accreditation, ROI, and the online academic library: today's academic libraries must demonstrate their value to cost-conscious university administrators. Stielow, Fred Nov 1, 2011 2186
How to successfully survive a mandated project: you can minimize the impact of these experiences by using the seven principles outlined here as you work through a mandated project. Ellern, Jill Nov 1, 2011 2994
Thirty-five years' worth of ROI: now more than ever, the calls to justify our existence are primarily driven by finances. Huwe, Terence K. Nov 1, 2011 1711
Efficient solutions for time-consuming jobs in the library: new technology can be the answer to creating efficiency for libraries. Bailey, Kieren Nov 1, 2011 1835
Living in interesting times. Kaser, Dick Editorial Oct 1, 2011 321
Implementing CORAL an Electronic Resource Management System: the desktop application of CORAL allows the management of electronic resources to be more efficient. Whitfield, Sharon Oct 1, 2011 1932
Library tech strategies: efficiency or innovation? Breeding, Marshall Oct 1, 2011 2131
How they did it: ILS migration case studies. Balas, Janet L. Oct 1, 2011 557
Ask a Librarian. Mulvihill, Amanda Brief article Oct 1, 2011 246
Libraries give us power: reviewing the SLA Weekend Course 2011. Dring, Sally Sep 22, 2011 1411
Standing at the crossroads: ten years as a school librarian a personal view. Wright, Duncan Sep 22, 2011 1960
Hosting a library conference: digital natives: engaging libraries in their learning. Guy, Rachael Sep 22, 2011 2483
The importance of user observation. Huwe, Terrence K. Sep 1, 2011 1667
The mistakes we make with standards. Chudnov, Daniel Sep 1, 2011 1660
Digital technologies can unite but also divide: Cald communities in the digital age. Migliorino, Pino Sep 1, 2011 2057
Public libraries serving multicultural communities across Australia: best practice examples. Sep 1, 2011 5214
Libraries driving access to knowledge in the 21st century in developing countries: an overview. Fagbola, Olaronke; Uzoigwe, Comfort; Ajegbomogun, Veronica Olufunmilola Report Aug 1, 2011 3085
On learning from the best, becoming the best, and being the best. Loertscher, David; Marcoux, Elizabeth "Betty" Apr 1, 2011 598
Toward a learning commons: where learners are central. Harland, Pamela Apr 1, 2011 2755
The state and futures of educational technologies. Loertscher, David Apr 1, 2011 1230
Collaboration success for student achievement in social studies: The Washington State Story. Kachel, Debra E. Apr 1, 2011 334
Collaborator and learning commons queen: Carol Koechlin speaks. Interview Apr 1, 2011 1559
On becoming the school library program of the year. Luhtala, Michelle Apr 1, 2011 2301
Christ Seminary--Seminex library: from Concordia Seminary in Exile library to Seminex Legacy collection. Ebertz, Susan J. Column Apr 1, 2011 3071
Personnel management theories and their implications for libraries. Ugah, A.D. Report Mar 1, 2011 1985
Book availability and performance measure in an academic library: the case of the Walter Sisulu University (WSU) Library, Mthatha Campus. Alabi, Gbade A. Report Jan 1, 2011 3952
Project library: using the L4L toolkit to inspire and refine your practice. Fontichiaro, Kristin; Johnston, Melissa P. Dec 1, 2010 2933
Merchandising your library resources. Sullivan, Margaret Dec 1, 2010 1674
Move over gym class! Killeen, Erlene Dec 1, 2010 836
Bring back the joy: creative teaching, learning, and librarianship. Lamb, Annette; Johnson, Larry Dec 1, 2010 2218
Resources for the Teacher-Librarian. Loertscher, David V. Recommended readings Oct 1, 2010 7133
An artistic horizon: content analysis of caricatures with library and information science themes. Isfandyari-Moghaddam, Alireza; Kashi-Nahanji, Vahideh Critical essay Sep 1, 2010 2705
BC school libraries under threat: an amazing legacy is being squandered. Daly, Heather Jun 22, 2010 1355
Better libraries and better budgets through technology. Balas, Janet I. Apr 1, 2010 563
14 days to have your say: as budgets continue to decrease, this kind of open and noticeable assessment can be invaluable in improving underfunded services and the estimation of your administration and patrons. Peterson, Andrea; Haulgren, Frank Apr 1, 2010 2626
From book Museum to learning commons: riding the transformation train. Bentheim, Christina A. Apr 1, 2010 1727
Leveraging technology for success in a challenging economy. Breeding, Marshall Apr 1, 2010 1703
Promoting a graphic novel collection: sometimes innovation means utilizing someone else's expertise. Osinski, John Mar 1, 2010 1626
Indirect outreach in a GIS environment: reflections on a map library's approach to promoting GIS services to non-GIS users. Dodsworth, Eva Report Mar 1, 2010 4461
Using Google Calendar as an email alert system for electronic resource renewals. Shapiro, Steven Mar 1, 2010 1320
The power of play: fostering creativity and innovation in libraries. Kurt, Lisa; Kurt, William; Medaille, Ann Report Mar 1, 2010 7013
Standards of Practice for California Community College Library Faculty and Programs. Report Jan 1, 2010 446
Communication in the library for effective administration. Etebu, Abraham Tabor Report Jan 1, 2010 1348
Management education for library directors: are graduate library programs providing future library directors with the skills and knowledge they will need? Mackenzie, Maureen L.; Smith, James P. Report Jun 22, 2009 6072
The value and significance of social networking for cultural institutions--Innovative Ideas Forum 2009. Corbould, Mark Conference news Jun 1, 2009 326
Safeguarding Collections at the Dawn of the 21st Century: Describing Roles & Measuring Contemporary Preservation Activities in ARL Libraries. Meyer, Lars Author abstract May 1, 2009 413
Library iTour: Introducing the iPod Generation to the Academic Library. Cairns, Virginia; Dean, Toni C. Author abstract Mar 26, 2009 268
Libraries and the mega internet sites. Burton, Corrine Brief article Feb 1, 2009 109
ARL Academic Law Library Statistics, 2007-2008. Kyrillidou, Martha, Comp.; Bland, Les, Comp. Report Jan 1, 2009 307
Brick and Click Libraries: Proceedings of an Academic Libraries Symposium (8th, Maryville, Missouri, November 7, 2008). Baudino, Frank, Ed.; Ury, Connie Jo, Ed.; Park, Sarah G., Ed. Report Nov 7, 2008 881
The surprising impact of digital repositories. Huwe, Terence K. Oct 1, 2008 1864
Thirteen basic things to put everyone on the same (computer) page. Gordon, Rachel Singer; West, Jessamyn Oct 1, 2008 1618
Columbia University Libraries to preserve historical oral histories. Greenwood, Bill Brief article Oct 1, 2008 129
Applying game theory in libraries: review and preview. Zhong, Ying; Hegde, Aaron Report Aug 1, 2008 3866
Change from the radical center of education. Johnson, Doug Jun 1, 2008 3495
Getting to the bottom of the pile. Braxton, Barbara Jun 1, 2008 1328
Laws, leaders, and legends of the modern National Library of Medicine. Smith, Kent A. Essay Apr 1, 2008 11770
The teacher-librarian as literacy leader. Braxton, Barbara Feb 1, 2008 4178
Toward a universal library. Goldsborough, Reid Feb 1, 2008 773
Guidelines for Libraries of Government Departments. IFLA Professional Reports, No. 106. Bolt, Nancy, Ed.; Burge, Suzanne, Ed. Author abstract Jan 1, 2008 335
ARL: A Bimonthly Report on Research Library Issues and Actions from ARL, CNI, and SPARC. Number 255. Barrett, G. Jaia, Ed. Report Dec 1, 2007 205
How we construct subjects: a feminist analysis. Olson, Hope A. Sep 22, 2007 13015
Portsmouth library wins LEED certification. Sep 14, 2007 430
Train employees and officials to be ready for privacy challenges. Bernstein, Joan E. Jun 1, 2007 2650
Zooming in on copyright with integrated library software services. Oye, Karen Jun 1, 2007 3258
Balancing technical and social participation. Chudnov, Daniel Jun 1, 2007 1900
I'm a librarian, not a lawyer! Balas, Janet L. Column Jun 1, 2007 1641
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