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Liberty Orchards, maker of Aplets&Cotlets, exploring options: Founding family of the iconic maker of fruit & nut confections is considering its options as the company celebrates its 100th year.

Cashmere, WA -- Liberty Orchards has been making its famous Aplets&Cotlets for 100 years at its candy factory in the heart of Washington's orchard country.

The Company, founded by two enterprising Armenian immigrants, Mark Balaban and Armen Tertsagian, is now in its third generation of family ownership and management.

Looking for ways to take advantage of growth opportunities, the family has decided to explore its options, including merger, sale, or private equity.

The company has expanded greatly over the years. Starting with Aplets, made with apples from the family orchards, the company has created a broad line of fruit & nut candies, all based on the original recipe, that are especially popular around the holiday season.

Besides Aplets&Cotlets, the company produces its best seller, Fruit Delights, along with spinoffs such as

Dessert Delights and Pecan Delights.

More recently, the company created Orchard Bars, a nutritious fruit, nut, and seed bar to meet the growing demand for tasty, wholesome, Non-GMO foods.

Liberty Orchards markets its brands through a variety of channels, from large regional and national retailers to farmer owned fruit stands.

The company also sells direct-to-consumer with catalog mailings and the company website ...

Finally, 50,000 visitors take the popular candy kitchen tour every year and purchase products at the factory store.

Management sees many opportunities for growth, including domestic and international distribution, modernization of digital marketing direct-to-consumer, Orchard Bar brand re-fresh, as well as cost reduction through economies of scale.

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Publication:Wenatchee Business Journal
Date:Feb 1, 2020
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