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Libertarian looseness.

While I enjoyed reading William Norman Grigg's articles on filmmaker Aaron Russo (June 12 issue) and look forward to seeing Russo's movie From Freedom to Fascism, I noticed that the word "Libertarian" was mentioned numerous times in the article as well as in other recent editions of THE NEW AMERICAN, and it is causing concern.

I believe most conservatives agree with the Libertarian "free market" approach to government, but when looking at the Libertarian Party's platform when it comes to social issues, one can't help but want to change their name to the "if it feels good, do it party." The party appears to want to remove every law that falls under the category of "vice" from the books, sugarcoating everything by saying that all vice is really a personal "responsibility."

I've never run across a "responsible" heroin addict, saw redeeming values to the community when I saw a prostitute hanging out on a street corner, nor envisioned homosexuality, pornography, or abortion ever being used "responsibly." Our Judeo-Christian society was founded upon the principles that the betterment of the individual makes life better for all, thus holding individuals up to a higher standard (i.e. "you're better than this").

I have to chuckle thinking about Libertarian Party policies and how they would end up shooting themselves in the proverbial foot by having to use big-government controls that they despise so much to police their failed social policies.


Issaquah, Washington
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Author:Miehls, Randy
Publication:The New American
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Sep 18, 2006
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