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Articles from Libertarian Papers (January 1, 2009)

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"I paid for this microphone!": the importance of shareholder theory in (teaching) business ethics. Levy, David; Mitschow, Mark Report 4781
"Triune" protection and its implications for The minimal state. Hu, Jinglei Critical essay 7043
A reply to the current critiques formulated against Hoppe's argumentation ethics. Eabrasu, Marian Critical essay 12009
A revealing window on the U.S. economy in depression and war: hours worked, 1929-1950. Higgs, Robert Report 4149
A treatise for a new age in economic theory: review of George Reisman's Capitalism. Kraus, Wladimir Book review 3950
Argumentation ethics and the philosophy of freedom. Van Dun, Frank Critical essay 15318
Austrian economics--the ultimate achievement of an intellectual journey. Salin, Pascal 6275
Causation and responsibility: a new direction. Mortellaro, Matt Critical essay 9711
Dead end street blues. van Dun, Frank Report 10543
Discussion: must we choose between Chandran Kukathas'S "two constructions of libertarianism"? Narveson, Jan Critical essay 4838
Free will and preactions. Wisniewski, Jakub Bozydar Critical essay 3643
Globalization and peace: a Hayekian perspective. Ravier, Adrian Osvaldo Critical essay 6456
Grounding political debate. Marks, Benjamin Essay 5754
Libertarian punishment theory: working for, and donating to, the state. Block, Walter E. Report 14088
Libertarianism and positive rights: comments on Katz's Reply. Maloberti, Nicolas Critical essay 2977
Libertarianism and the possibility of the legitimate state. Maloberti, Nicolas Critical essay 5578
Observations on professor Hayek's plan. von Mises, Ludwig Critical essay 937
On a recent theory of "legal obligation". Leoni, Bruno Critical essay 1937
Present payments, past wrongs: correcting loose talk about Nozick and rectification. Narveson, Jan Critical essay 7575
Review of Ordered Anarchy: Jasay and His Surroundings. de Wolf, Aschwin Book review 2491
Rothbard's confidential memorandum to the Volker Fund, "what is to be done?". Rothbard, Murray N. Report 5829
The role of subscription-based patrol and restitution in the future of liberty. Guillory, Gil; Tinsley, Patrick C. Report 15939
Two constructions of libertarianism. Kukathas, Chandran Critical essay 5641
Two views of liberty, occidental and oriental (?). Leoni, Bruno Critical essay 7454
Why libertarians should reject positive rights. Katz, Joshua Critical essay 2863

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