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Liberation theology warning.

ROME * Meeting a group of Brazilian bishops earlier this month at the Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI cautioned the bishops to reject "certain deceitful principles" of liberation theology.

The pope recalled a 1984 document on liberation theology issued by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which Benedict, as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, headed for more than 20 years. The document--Libertatis nuntius--condemned "an uncritical adoption by some theologians of opinions and methods drawn from Marxism," Benedict said.

Vittorio Bellavite, spokesman of the Italian section of the We Are Church movement, which campaigns for reforms in the church, said, "The obstinacy and doggedness of the reigning pontiff against liberation theology is just amazing. [The pope] forgets how many priests, nuns and laypeople, inspired by this theology, have spent their lives in Latin America defending the rights and the dignity of oppressed people."

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Title Annotation:WORLD BRIEFS
Publication:National Catholic Reporter
Date:Dec 25, 2009
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