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Lib Dems budge it; The VOICE OF.

THE Budget may have been bad what with the granny tax and the pie levy but it could have been worse.

Just imagine what would have happened if George Osborne had it all his own way.

The 50p tax for the rich would have been scrapped altogether. Instead it was only reduced.

Loopholes which allow multimillionaires to pay just a few pounds in tax will now be closed.

The Chancellor would have preferred to leave things as they are.

And it is unlikely he would have willingly speeded up the introduction of the tax free allowance to pounds 10,000.

And all of that is because the Lib Dems were on his case and putting a brake on his natural Tory instincts.

Nick Clegg and his crew may be the butt of jokes, barbs and barracking but this Government would be a lot more extreme without them.

When the Tories are tempted to swing to the right the Lib Dems are there to correct the pendulum.

And call time on their attempts to put the clock back.
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Title Annotation:Editorial; Opinion, Leading articles
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Mar 25, 2012
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