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Liars Game.

Liars Game by Eric Jerome Dickey Dutton, June 2000, $23.95 ISBN 0-525-94483-4

Author Eric Jerome Dickey, called the "brotherman novelist" in some publishing circles, seems to get better with each book. The former stand-up comedian and computer programmer has scored another coup de grace. All of his novels center on the sometimes caustic and disharmonious bond that exists between African American men and women. Dickey's latest literary effort is comparable to some of his best works including Friends and Lovers.

This dicey, and occasionally spicy, tale is about the romantic interlude between suave, handsome, got-it-all-together brotha Vincent and pampered diva Dana. The common link between the twosome is excess baggage. The two characters are forced to reexamine old feelings and emotions when their pasts come back to haunt them.

Dickey's writing has never been better. What could have easily become a redundant, didactic and familiar storyline about the pitfalls and travails of relationships, is instead a delightful and cogent yarn about contemporary African American men and women. The most prevalent message is how two people can maintain during the most difficult times.

Unlike many books with a similar theme, Dickey's storylines are plausible and sagacious. These elements, coupled with good old-fashioned storytelling, are what keep Dickey on the bestseller lists.

Glenn R. Townes is an award-winning writer and frequent contributor to BIBR. He lives in New Jersey.
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Author:Ellis, Kelly
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Date:Nov 1, 2000
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