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Li-ion Batteries Hold 80% of the Chinese Mobile Phone Battery Market.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of China Mobile Phone Battery Industry Report, 2005-2006 to their offering.

As energy source, battery is one of the most important accessories for mobile phones. Nowadays, Ni-Cd battery, which born in black-white display mobile phone generation, has exited the market, and NI-MH battery also has little demand. The color display generation leads to wide application of Li-ion battery (Li-ion), which includes lithium ion battery (LIB) and lithium ion polymer battery (LIP). As the most demanded battery, Li-ion covers 80% of the market share, while that of NI-MH battery only covers 20%. Moreover, the new generation of LIP is becoming more and more popular for its advantages and with a market share of 12%-14%.

After several years development, the global Li-ion battery industry has been monopolized evenly by China, Japan and South Korea. This pattern will last for quite a long time since each of the three countries has its own characteristics and advantages. In recent years, China has made great achievements in Li-ion battery industrialization. It has formed a complete industry chain from upstream products, raw material manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, battery processing, export trade and downstream products. According to us, the number of Li-ion battery manufacturers has exceeded 100 in China, among which Shenzhen BYD, BAK and Tianjin Lishen have became the major battery manufacturers worldwide, with an annual output over 600 million units. As a large consumption country of Li-ion battery, as well as abundant labor force and raw materials, China has became the final destination for multinational Li-ion battery manufacturers, such as Sony, Panasonic, and Sanyo, etc. Consequently, China has developed to be an important global Li-ion battery production base.

By 2006, color display phone has dominated the market. Along with frequent appearance of camera phone and multimedia phone, functions of photo shooting, receiving and sending multimedia messages, and downloading high-capacity games are used more and more often. However, in facing with more powerful 3G mobile phones, battery capacity is obviously insufficient. Mobile phone battery tends to be lighter, thinner and higher capacity. Various new battery types such as fuel cell, Zinc-air and solar cell are under the R & D process.

Regarding LIP, there are around ten competent manufacturers, among which the major foreign manufacturers are Sony, Samsung and LG, while that of China are TCL and ATL.

As we all know, China has abundant and cheap labor force. Therefore, many Chinese manufacturers adopt low-cost competitive strategy by using labor-oriented semi-automatic production lines. The build cost of a single Li-ion full-automatic production line in Japan is several times or even dozens of times of that in China. Currently, some Chinese Li-ion manufacturers have caught up with the counterparts in Korea and Japan, for example, BYD and Lishen rank top five and top ten respectively on production capabilities worldwide.

From the year of 2003 to 2006, the CAGR of the global Li-ion battery production scale will reach 23.2%, and the CAGR of sales revenue will reach 12.25%. From the year of 2007 to 2010, Li-ion battery industry will gradually enter into a steady growing period. According to us, the CAGR of production scale and the CAGR of sales revenue will be 9.85% and 5.85% respectively by then. In a word, mobile phone battery market is not only a potential huge market, but an effective and sustainable market.

The sales revenue of Li-ion battery has exceeded that of Ni-Cd and NI-MH Battery. With the market shrinking of Ni-Cd and NI-MH Battery, the popularities of consumer electronic products and mobile electronic products such as mobile phone, digital camera, PDA and camcorder etc, as well as the huge application potentials of Li-ion battery, the market demand of Li-ion will increase with a relatively rapid growth rate in the future.

Topics Covered

1 Status Quo and Development of Mobile Phone Battery Technologies

2 Status Quo of Mobile Li-ion Battery Industry and Market

3 Major International Mobile Phone Battery Manufacturers and Their Plants in Mainland China

4 Major Mobile Phone Battery Manufacturers from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and Other Countries and Regions

5 Mainland Chinas Mobile Phone Battery Manufacturers

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Companies Mentioned Include:

- Amperex Technology Limited - Apower Electronics Co., Ltd.(AEC) - Aucma New Power Technology Co., Ltd. - BYD Company Limited - DESAY Power Technology Co., Ltd - Edan Technology (Shanghai) Corporation - EVE Battery Co., Ltd. - Foxlink - Gaoyao Phenix Battery Co., Ltd. - Guangdong Fenghua Advanced Technology(Group) Co., Ltd - Guangdong Weiliwang Electronic Co., Ltd. - Guangzhou Diyi Electronic Products Co.,Ltd - Harbin Coslight Power Co.,Ltd - Huaxin Communication Fittings Factory - Hunan Sun Fire Power Source Co., Ltd. - HYB Battery Co., Ltd. - Hypercell Power Source Technology Co., Ltd - Jiangmen JJJ Battery Co., Ltd. - LG Chem - Motorola (China) Electronics Ltd. - Power Tech International Co., Ltd. - Samsung SDI - Sanyo Energy (HK) - Scud (Fujian) Electron Co., Ltd - ShenZhen B & K Technology Co., Ltd - ShenZhen BAK Battery Co., Ltd - Shenzhen Chaolitong Electronic Co., Ltd. - Shenzhen Gaonengda Battery Co., Ltd. - ShenZhen Redway Battery Co.,Ltd - Shenzhen Sikai Battery Co., Ltd. - Shenzhen Tenwei Electronics Co. Ltd. - Shenzhen Xwoda Electronic co., ltd - Sony - Stone Battery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. - TCL Hyperpower Batteries Inc. - Tianjin Lishen Battery Joint-Stock Co. Ltd. - Weifang Jade Bird Huaguang Battery Co., Ltd. - Weifang Yitong Battery Co., Ltd - Wuhan Forte Battery Co., Ltd - Wuhan Lixing Power Sources Co. Ltd - Xiamen Powerlong Ind. Co. Ltd - Zhuhai Taiyi Battery Co., Ltd

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