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Leyla's slick with worry; Designer wedding dress bill is final straw for heartbroken jilted bride Emmerdale STV.

Runaway bride Leyla's luck hasn't changed since she jilted her husband-to-be and tried to squeeze herself out of a small window, ruining her wedding dress. Megan adds to her woes when she tells Leyla that she needs to find the money to pay for the rented gown.

Despite not being exactly flush, a stressed Leyla hits the bottle and takes the dress for a last outing, but disaster strikes.

As she laments her situation in a puddle of oil, David, who is on his way back to the village after tending to some business, joins her and she cries on his shoulder.

She tells him the whole sad story about not having the money to repay the designer who loaned her the gown for her disastrous nuptials, and he feels for her, offering her the money that he was going to take Tracey on holiday with. Not a good move.

Back at the shop, the villagers have gathered for Tracey's birthday do and David proudly announces that he's given their holiday fund to Leyla. Tracey is furious, and there's worse to come when Vanessa, who spotted Leyla earlier in the zen garden, believes that she still has feelings for David.

Debbie does what she does best and flashes her pins in a bid to extort money out of a businessman. However, Ross isn't best pleased that his love interest is making an exhibition of herself and tries to talk sense into her. It doesn't work, obviously. Will the desperate Dingle bite off more than she can chew? Kerry steps in to try to give Daz a break and convinces a reluctant Bernice to give him a plumbing job, which he completes with aplomb.

Plus, Aaron and Adam bond during their boy's night, but they receive a surprise.


OIL'S NOT WELL... Leyla cries on David's shoulder, left, after slipping, below

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 9, 2017
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