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AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: The Center's Knowledge Repository puts the latest research within reach to support your next evidence-based design project. Sep 1, 2019 549
RETURN ON INVESTMENT: Building a strong corporate culture is key to staying nimble in a changing marketplace. Aug 1, 2019 667
MISSING PIECE: Supporting respite and wellness should be vital components of healthcare design, but we don't always hit the mark. May 1, 2019 453
USER INPUT: The Center wants to hear your thoughts on its existing tools and resources and ideas on what should be developed for the future. Apr 1, 2019 455
SOUND ADVICE: There's much our industry needs to learn in order to improve our acoustic environments for patients, families, and staff. Mar 1, 2019 776
NEW DESIGN IMPERATIVE: Behavioral health design best practices are being applied to more spaces as awareness of need grows. Feb 1, 2019 366
VIRTUAL REALITY: The rise in telemedicine services demands new care spaces that ensure quality and accurate diagnoses. Dec 1, 2018 755
DESIGN CAN: The healthcare design industry has accomplished a lot since The Center was founded in 1993--and there's much more to come. Nov 1, 2018 417
DRIVING CHANGE: Looking back on the past 25 years reveals a few key trends and issues that have shaped healthcare design. Report Oct 1, 2018 600
IN GOOD COMPANY: Several of the 2018 ASID Fellows work in healthcare design, speaking to this industry's growth and influence. Sep 1, 2018 504
LAYING THE GROUNDWORK: Through its online resources, The Center aims to standardize industry terms and metrics to improve knowledge sharing. Aug 1, 2018 507
OUTDOOR THERAPY: A day trip to the Biltmore House & Gardens provides a powerful reminder of the restorative benefits of nature. Jun 1, 2018 574
BUILDING BRIDGES: It's critical that we share industry expertise with those working in remote, underserved areas. May 1, 2018 537
HELPING HAND: The Center's new toolkit offers the industry ways to support the much-needed delivery of behavioral and mental health services. Apr 1, 2018 541
A NEW AIM: Humanity-centered design could change how we think about healthcare buildings and the behaviors they encourage. Feb 1, 2018 565
PERSONAL MATTERS: I've always known what we do affects millions of patients and their families. Recently, I was one of them. Dec 1, 2017 747
LEADERSHIP CHANGE: As an industry, we need to be focused on developing young professionals today so they're poised to lead us tomorrow. Nov 1, 2017 720
CHANGE AGENT: The HCD Expo annually draws individuals with a desire to make a difference in healthcare through their work, fueling that same drive in fellow attendees. Oct 1, 2017 455
Coming soon: the center is introducing new resources--and a new awards program--to further support project planning and honor efforts in evidence-based design. Sep 1, 2017 529
Success doesn't just come from answering today's challenges, but from anticipating tomorrow's opportunities, too. Aug 1, 2017 753
The next wave: it's important to use what we know when designing healthcare environments, but also be aware of new innovations. Jun 1, 2017 531
Seats at the table: the Center is adding new stakeholders to its ranks to help shape future efforts and industry contributions. May 1, 2017 566
Easy going: innovative ambulatory care providers are taking inspiration from popular apps and online services to create more convenient healthcare models. Apr 1, 2017 645
Signal and noise: we all face information overload daily, so it's important to identify the resources that will help us do our jobs effectively and tune out the rest. Mar 1, 2017 415
A year to remember: the past 12 months brought us a new healthcare building type, growing industry resources, and a space flower. Dec 1, 2016 547
What's left behind: Healthcare designers are in a unique position to create professional legacies that are far-reaching. Column Nov 1, 2016 588
Taking new shape: a recent exercise identified the top drivers for change in the healthcare design industry. Oct 1, 2016 763
Places, everyone: the healthcare design community already knows a thing or two about "placemaking" but the time may be right to take the concept even further. Sep 1, 2016 691
Asking the right questions: as the healthcare industry turns a corner, designers and providers have new challenges to face and new issues to consider. Aug 1, 2016 593
A forecast for change: New methods of care delivery are creating opportunities for the architecture and design Community. Jun 1, 2016 727
Illuminating reinvention. May 1, 2016 660
Where inspiration blooms. Apr 1, 2016 689
Teaching to the test: the unintended negative consequences of teaching primary school students to perform well on tests may serve as a warning to designers creating spaces to achieve high HCAHPS scores. Mar 1, 2016 562
What keeps you up at night? Attendees of the Healthcare Design Expo & Conference weighed In on the topics top of mind for them right now, shedding light on shifting priorities compared to last year. Conference news Jan 1, 2016 565
Blurred lines. Dec 1, 2015 619
Weathering the storm: building resiliency into healthcare spaces means more than you might think. Oct 1, 2015 597
Show and tell. Sep 1, 2015 489
Form meets function: too often healthcare facilities are built to answer a specific need, but more longevity can be achieved if buildings respond to strategic initiatives instead. Aug 1, 2015 559
The next big thing: emerging technologies stand to reinvent the way healthcare is delivered, enhancing accessibility and lowering costs, all without losing that personal touch. May 1, 2015 590
Removing barriers: the Center for Health Design is rolling out new tools to help designers navigate the complexities of healthcare research. Apr 1, 2015 480
Pick three: when healthcare providers and designers were asked to choose the top issues that keep them up at night, the results revealed differences between the two groups' perspectives. Mar 1, 2015 521
Moving healthcare forward: a new tagline for The Center for Health Design captures an initiative to progress healthcare design as well as the organization. Dec 1, 2014 564
A proactive approach to planning: the Built Environment Network is creating a facility planning roadmap that anticipates providers' needs rather than reacting to them. Nov 1, 2014 615
Life lessons ... so far: a 25-year career at The Center for Health Design yields 25 lessons. Oct 1, 2014 829
Moments in time: the annual Healthcare Design Showcase serves as a yearbook for the healthcare design industry, capturing trends and hinting at future innovations. Sep 1, 2014 625
Appropriateness: faced with the daunting picture of a healthcare system in financial turmoil, what defines appropriate design choices for new facilities today is a whole lot different than what it once was. Aug 1, 2014 816
Evidence-based design origins: after decades of research to shape healthcare design, a look back at where the evidence-based movement started serves as a reminder of how far the industry has come. May 1, 2014 650
Helping hospital ceos sleep at night: How design interventions can solve the challenges that continue to stay top-of-mind for healthcare's c-suite. Mar 1, 2014 643
The next five: as The Center for Health Design readies for its new five-year strategic plan, three business opportunities for healthcare designers emerge. Dec 1, 2013 652
Ensuring safety by design: development is under way on a safety risk assessment toolkit meant to enhance focus on patient and worker safety in the healthcare environment. Oct 1, 2013 599
Global shifts, large and small: what China and the U.S. can learn from one another when it comes to planning our healthcare facilities. Aug 1, 2013 786
Is average good enough? Healthcare designers shouldn't be satisfied with only a passing grade. May 1, 2013 495
Daring greatly: what the healthcare design industry can learn from Theodore Roosevelt--and Gwyneth Paltrow. Mar 1, 2013 726
What will it take for healthcare design to realize its full "bionic" potential? Dec 1, 2012 549
Stitching technologies together for better care. Oct 1, 2012 722
Designing new paradigms. Aug 1, 2012 769
What would the iHospital look like? Apr 1, 2012 1121
Finding our community voice. Feb 1, 2012 791
The growing conversation around evidence-based design. Apr 1, 2011 738
Who would make your list of the most influential people? Dec 1, 2010 709
Going global. Oct 1, 2010 884
The million dollar question. Aug 1, 2010 822
Reducing the cost of healthcare from the inside out. Jun 1, 2010 900
The inspirational power of art. Apr 1, 2010 668
The Center for Health Design--improving healthcare through building design. Feb 1, 2010 796
Is your facility a part of your faculty? Dec 1, 2009 683
The universality of healthcare. Oct 1, 2009 674
Social networking: community building tool or evil time warp? Aug 1, 2009 1037
Navigating the choppy waters of the financial downturn. Jun 1, 2009 689
The year of the ox. Apr 1, 2009 843

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