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Level lever problem with tool.


If you plan on being an armorer for long, you should also plan on dealing with an M2 machine gun whose bolt is stuck in the receiver with the cocking lever up. Someday a Soldier in your unit will slide the bolt in the receiver with the cocking lever forward. Count on it.

The Tool

But with this tool you can level the lever problem. Here's how to make it: Order a 2-ft length of 3/8-in brass rod, NSN 9525-00-249-7441. Cut it down to 20 1/2 inches. Bend it like this:


To strengthen the handle and protect your hand, wrap tape several times around the point where the triangle joins the shaft.

To use the tool, remove the backplate, driving rod spring and bolt pin.


Hook the tool over the cocking lever, halfway up the lever. If you get it higher, the lever will jam.

Press down hard on the lever as you pull back with several hard yanks of the tool. The bolt should come unstuck.

The Screwdriver

Of course, in the held you may not have the tool handy. In that case, the screwdriver method sometimes does the trick:

After you remove the backplate, driving rod spring, and bolt pin, retract the bolt as far as you can.


Press in on the buffer detent spring with a screwdriver as you slide out the buffer assembly about two inches.


Slide the bolt forward as you pull the buffer to the rear. The bolt forces the accelerator down and allows the buffer to be removed. You may need to slide the bolt back and forth several times before you can pull the buffer out.


Push down on the front of the barrel extension. Slide the bolt out of the receiver. If the bolt hangs up, pull the extension forward and up until the bolt slides out.

Save yourself all this trouble by training your M2 gunners never to slide the bolt in the receiver with the cocking lever forward.
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