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Level and able.

The Series M mechanical tilt float level switches from Gems Sensors & Controls are a simple yet effective solution for OEMs to use in level control and alarm applications in difficult liquids such as sewage and wastewater. They can be used in sewage lift systems, slurries, drainage sumps, wastewater treatment and holding tanks. These mechanical switches offer an ideal alternative to mercury tilt float level switches for applications where mercury must be avoided.

When the liquid level changes, the switch angle tilts and a signal is generated which can be used to operate a pump, actuate a valve or trigger an alarm. To provide optimum compatibility with existing systems, Series M switches are available in SPST 'normally open' and 'normally closed' versions or as an SPDT 'Form C' version. Narrow angle and wide angle variants are also available, with the narrow angle accommodating a liquid level range from 50 mm to 203 mm and the wide angle accommodating a liquid level range from 127 mm to 457 mm.

The switches are contained in a rugged, colour-coded, impact and corrosion resistant ABS shell and supplied with an integral 12.19 m oil-resistant sealed cable. They are available with a tie-wrap fixing or with an adjustable submersible weight which allows the cable to be suspended above the liquid level.

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Date:Jul 1, 2009
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