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Level II to U2 conversion ... teaming for success.

Editor's note: This article is reprinted from the September/October 1998 edition of the Navy Supply Corps Newsletter.

The Uniform Automated Data Processing System (UADPS) Level II (L2) supply system is being replaced with the UADPS (U2) system through a series of Fleet and Industrial Supply Center regional partnering initiatives. The goal of this article is to briefly present the history concerning the L2 replacement initiative, the status of the L2 conversion project, and the future of this important teaming effort.

History ...

In June 1996, RADM Donald Hickman, SC, USN, then director, Supply Programs and Policy Division, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Logistics), presented requirements for standardizing our ashore retail supply systems because we could no longer afford redundant systems to manage the Navy's business processes.

In a memorandum to the commander, Naval Supply Systems Command, he wrote, "... Ashore, the retail supply system must fit as an integral part of the Navy Regional Support concept. The goal is to achieve a single system supporting all Navy shore activities receiving regional support--the Uniform Automated Data Processing System for Stock Points (U2) partnered with shore activities on a regional basis."

It is important to remember that the selection of U2, as the system of choice, was due to the capabilities added to UADPS-SP in 1992 that allowed the FISCs to manage inventories at multiple sites using one database and one shared set of inventory procedures. These changes gave the FISCs the ability to assume inventory management responsibilities for any number of partnered activities. Thus, FISCs could lower overall inventory management costs and reduce inventory requirements by "pooling" partner inventories and setting regional inventory levels.

We are now starting to see the benefits of this standard supply system vision ... a vision that not only lowers overall inventory management costs and inventory requirements but also saves limited funding resources for maintaining redundant software supply systems and hardware environments running these systems. Additional savings are also derived by avoiding the cost of making the L2 supply system year 2000 compliant, which is an extremely time consuming and expensive process.

Status ...

The L2-U2 conversion process has been largely successful due to the up front planning and teaming that occurs prior to implementing each site. As the old line goes ... prior planning prevents poor performance. This proved to be true with the L2-U2 conversion process!


Each partnering initiative is a team effort, requiring a great deal of time and energy to prepare site data for conversion, install hardware and software and test our programs against the site's local database. It all culminates in a weekend long partnering evolution where people representing the partnering activity; FISC; Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Chesapeake; FMSO; Command Naval Air Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet; Commander in Chief, U.S. Atlantic Fleet; and NAVSUP Headquarters work to convert the inventory records into the respective FISC's database and then test the system so that we can be operational for the beginning of the workweek.

To date, the following sites have been partnered:
NAS Oceana April 98
NAS Brunswick June 98
NS Mayport June 98
NAS Key West July 98

Future ...

The future of the L2-U2 conversion project not only includes completing the scheduled conversions and partnerships for the remaining L2 sites with respective regional FISCs as depicted below but also includes developing several enhancements to the existing U2 system supporting customer identified functional requirements.

Examples of these enhancements include providing a Location Audit capability within the Real Time Inventory Counting (RTIC) system, a conversion capability for the Automated Report of Discrepancy (AUTORODS) system, and a laser printing capability for the AUTORODS system. Scheduled L2-U2 Partner/Conversion sites:

NAS Sigonella...October 98

NSA Naples...November 98

NS Rota....January 99

NS Roosevelt Roads....February 99

NAS Keflavik....February 99

The bottom line is that we're teaming for success by providing the Navy's single standardized supply system that costs less to maintain.

2008: Navy ERP is coming

The Navy ERP solution will allow the Navy to unify, standardize, and streamline all mission support activities into one system that will achieve the highest standards for secure, reliable, accessible, and current information.

Process and data redundancies will be reduced, and in most cases, eliminated. Navy ERP will provide NAVSUP:

* Greater functionality and optimized response time

* Improved visibility and management of the Navy supply chain

* Data entered once and consistently available many times

* Easier system maintenance and support

In Oct 08, Release 1.0 deploys financial, acquisition, workforce management and program management solutions directly to the NAVSUP Enterprise. Follow-on Release 1.1 will deploy supply chain solutions to further improve our processes.

LCDR Randy Moore, SC, USN, UADPS (U2) Project Officer, Navy Fleet Material Support Office

LCDR Randy Moore holds a master's in business administration in information systems from San Diego State University. His previous assignments include USS Dixon (AS 37), Naval Security Group Activity Adak, Alaska; USS Stonewall Jackson (SSBN 634B); and USS Sam Houston (SSBN 609G). *CAPT Randy Moore currently serves at the Defense Logistics Agency.
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