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Gandhi: Man of Peace

Your article (Feb. 7, 2003) taught us how Gandhi fought for civil rights nonviolently. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. believed in Gandhi's ways and thought of him as a mentor.

Joshua Hartge

Discovery Middle School

Canton, Ohio

Violence in Football

Your Jan. 10, 2003, News Debate asked whether professional football is too dangerous. In every televised game, I see a player who gets injured. Some players are not sportsmanlike and need to remember that football is only a game.

Erik Kelly

Weightman Middle School

Wesley Chapel, Florida

If you take out all the bad hits in football, then no one will want to watch or play it anymore. Tackling is what gets people to fill stadiums.

Nick Dedene

Clinton Township, Michigan

Child Labor in Kenya

My heart goes out to Martha Wamboi, whose father died and whose mother was left alone to care for six children ("In the Coffee Fields of Kenya," Nov. 1, 2002). I didn't know that children in Kenya have to work in the fields and cannot go to school.

Erica Browning

Triumphant Charter School

Chicago, Illinois

I have a middle-class life here in America, and I really do take everything I have for granted. People like [Martha] go to bed every night and wish that they had what I have.

Courtney Simmons

Triumphant Charter School

These kids should be learning math and learning how to read. They should not be picking coffee beans for a living.

Raushun Hall

Triumphant Charter School

Editor's Note: Since our article appeared, many children in Kenya have returned to the classroom. See our update on page 4.

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Date:Apr 11, 2003
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