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WE'VE GOT (a ton of) MAIL!

Cover Girl!

When I saw Alexis Bledel on your A/S '02 cover, I was shocked! While I'm a big fan of Gilmore Girls, I couldn't believe you put a celeb on your cover. But after I read her article, I was happy to see that you did not talk about the usual celebrity topics we see in other mags. This is truly the best GL magazine yet.


I'm disappointed...Celebs? Leave that to prissy mags like J14! GL is about providing girls with cool stories, quizzes and advice. I still love GL, but forget those famous faces next time.


One thing I like about your mag is that it focuses on us--the girls. I don't like your celeb cover. It ruins GL's message that we are as good as celebs. Let this be your first and only celeb cover.


My mom and I watch Gilmore Girls and have a relationship like Rory and Lorelai's. Yet the article says Alexis is 18, but she's 20. And you misspelled Lorelai.

A reader

We did go of on spelling Lorelai's name, and Alexis turned 20 on Sept. 16.

It's great that you put Alexis on your cover. You are so right--if another cover of Britney gets published, I'm going to scream! Your choice of Alexis means a lot to me because she's a normal girl


When I first saw Alexis on your cover, I had a sinking feeling. A voice in my head went, "Great, just another teen mag." I thought including celebrities would take away from GL's original principles. However, I commend you on your wonderful way of incorporating star stuff with average girl stuff.


A celeb on the cover is cool. My brother used to make fin of me for getting a mag that didn't feature celebs on the cover. My brother is speechless now. One word describes this issue--great!

A reader

Princess of Darkness

In your A/S '02 Hangin' With featuring Kelly Osbourne, you claim she's cool for having "fluorescent hair, major attitude, a hit song, the trippiest family and a foul mouth." A foul mouth doesn't make someone cool. I'm sure other readers agree. Pick a real role model next time.

A reader

We agree Kelly could clean up her potty mouth, but we disagree that she's no role model. She never pretends to be someone she's not. We also love the fact that she's tight with her mom, doesn't give in to pressure to lose weight for her career and wears more clothes on stage than Britney, Christina and Shakira combined.

True to You

I really like "The Poseur Diaries" [Fiction, A/S '02]. It's great how Olivia decides it's OK to be herself. Thanks for another entertaining story.


Shop 'til you Drop

"Shopping with the Enemy" [A/S '02] is great! My mom and I have way different tastes. Thanks to your article, I learned to compromise and now we're both happy when we leave the mall.


I don't appreciate your saying, "Shopping With the Enemy." It's disrespectful. My mom is my fave person to shop with. Don't assume all moms fight with their daughters over what to wear.

A reader


Why do you choose such expensive beauty products to feature in your magazine? My mom won't let me spend $29 for a lipstick kit like the one you show by Rocket City in the NS '02 Beauty Look of the Moment. Give me a break!

A reader

Dear Reader,

Well it is a kit, so it's like getting six lipsticks at once...but I do get your point. We often get letters about the prices of the clothes, accessories and makeup we feature. But the truth is that one girl's bargain is another girl's splurge. In other words, "expensive" is relative. Plus, we try to show good quality products, and sometimes those cost more. The bottom line? Only buy something if you think it's worth it, not because GL (or anyone else) tells you to.

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Date:Oct 1, 2002
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