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Tone Of Story Disputed

Dear Editor,

The NonProfit Times' January 15 cover photo, which marked out the faces of three of the most influential women in direct response marketing, inappropriately implied that Margaret Guellich's new and exciting position at Catholic Relief Services is somehow negative. As I mentioned to your reporter when we spoke, we have had many successes in the fundraising arena over the years because of Margaret's skills and enthusiasm. Her new role at CRS in no way reflects her departure from the fundraising arena. Rather, it is a firm recognition of her abilities. Launching into a new strategic plan, which placed new emphasis on empowering our partners overseas, Margaret has been charged with leading a new and important agenda for us. It is unfortunate that The NonProfit Times chose to portray this important transition as her departure from the circle of influential fundraisers. We see it as quite the opposite - her influence is now global!

Ken Hackett

Executive Director

Catholic Relief Services

Baltimore, Md.

Editor's Note: The article in question was quite complimentary toward Ms. Guellich and her new, expanded role. The point of the story was that three of the 12 women profiled were no longer in the roles for which they were selected as the most influential in direct response just one year earlier.
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Publication:The Non-profit Times
Article Type:Brief Article
Date:Mar 1, 2002
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