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Dear Annmarie,

I just received the latest Special Delivery and I was totally bowled over by the article "The Dynamics of Trauma in Childbirth."

I have personally been dealing with residual problems and feelings from a horrible birth experience on all levels, persistent physical, medical problems, emotional (trust, abuse issues) as well as spiritual pain. I can't believe how this article touched my soul and touched me so deeply on so many issues. Although I have spoken my heart to those involved with my birth, this article speaks so much more elegantly and with power than I could ever write.... This is such a valuable piece of information that I wish to share for those involved with my birth on 11/29/98. Thank you so very much for your time.
Marianne Monagle

Dear Ms. Klyzub Kalmar:

I am writing in regards to the article "The Dynamics of Trauma," by Sue Radosti, in the latest issue of Special Delivery, Vol. 22, No.1, Spring 1999. The article is fantastic! I can't express how deeply this article touched me, how many insights it brought, and how much I wish everyone who is involved in maternity care would read it!

I am writing to ask permission ... [to] share it with other women, always giving the appropriate credits to ALACE, Special Delivery, and the author. I moderate a small e-mail list of women who have all been traumatized by our birthing experiences, and am a member of an e-mail list for c-section moms (run through ICAN), and also an e-mail list for midwives and other professionals in the birth arena. I would so much love to share this article with them!

I also have a friend who is building a website about traumatic birth, and I'm sure she would love to post this article on her website....

I appreciate any consideration you can give to my questions, and again I want to thank you for publishing this fantastic, illuminating, and insightful article.

Thank you!
Sky Randall

Dear Annmarie:

Thank you for the sample Special Delivery and related information. I found the journal easy to read, having a clean, organized layout with appropriate advertisements that did not detract from the journal content!

I believe your readers may find our catalog beneficial--either for their use or to share with their clients. Our product selection focuses on items that are difficult to find elsewhere, yet are very functional for parents and newborns.
Kim Hughes
Cherished Memories

Editor's note: Special Delivery will be receiving and reviewing Kisses from Heaven Infant Massage Kit from Cherished Memories' upcoming catalogue Generation to Generation. Look for it in a future issue.

Question of the Quarter Response

The question from last quarter: How does a professional ensure receiving payment for her labor assistant or midwifery services?

I am a Childbirth Educator in training through ALACE and I find this question timely and thoughtful as I ponder how I am going to handle the financial piece of my business. I plan on teaching couples on an individual basis, not in traditional group settings. To facilitate the professional/therapeutic relationship, I plan on having introductory folders ready for my series of classes. This folder will have policies and a financial contract as well as a brief philosophy statement, a copy of my resume, and a brief personal and professional bio on myself and what has led me to the work of birth. With something tangible in hand and a face to match the words, I feel this will add value and credence to the fees charged!
Sheila McBarron, RN Quincy MA.
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Publication:Special Delivery
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Date:Jun 22, 1999
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