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Byline: The Register-Guard

Unsettling behavior on two fronts

Several headline stories found on the front page of last Sunday's Register-Guard ironically juxtaposed two significantly insidious developments currently posing serious threats to the sanctity and domestic tranquility of our citizenry, constituting a veritable plague descending upon us.

One story featured the menacing and disgusting habits of an animal whose unsettling behavior threatens the health, safety and welfare of the general population, as well as their very own environment - virtually rendering it uninhabitable.

The other story featured a problem concerning an infestation of rats.

W.C. Crutchfield


GOP leaders complicit on Trump

Like a speeding Amtrak train, President Trump is heading off the rails. His latest remarks at the White House reveal a man consumed by hate, anger and bigotry. Given the dynamics of both the House and Senate controlled by Republicans, the hope for censuring our leader is nonexistent.

By the Republican leadership's failure to call out his manic behaviors, they are complicit in his actions against our Constitution. If our leaders do not act, could he be charged with crimes of ethnic cleansing and taken to The Hague?

The definition of ethnic cleansing is the mass expulsion of an unwanted ethnic or religious group. Look at the numbers of people of color who are now being possibly forced out: 60,000 Haitians and 200,000 from El Salvador, and perhaps 800,000 Dreamers. Of course the Dutch probably feel ready for one Trump mess at a time, thank you.

Carole Carlson


Word reveals his immigration views

In a recent meeting with legislators on immigration reform, President Trump is reported to have asked, "Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?" In his not unusual, crude and offensive way, Trump not only revealed a good deal about what drives his views on immigration, but also raised an important issue that needs to be confronted if there really is to be comprehensive immigration reform: To whom do we want to grant the right to immigrate to this country?

Since at least the 1800s, this country has had numerous and varied laws and regulations restricting or otherwise regulating who gets to come to the United States, and under what conditions. These form a patchwork of bits and pieces of laws and regulations sewn together rather haphazardly over many decades.

If Congress and the president are really serious about immigration reform - a highly doubtful proposition in my book - it is surely time that this whole mishmash of laws and regulations gets a thorough review with the view toward producing a comprehensive and coherent set of policies, laws and regulations to guide immigration in the future.

With the current Congress, I'm not holding my breath.

Jim Hargreaves


History suggests: Be very afraid

First, let me explain that the spectacle of Charlottesville, Va., earlier this year was likely viewed a bit differently by this 80-plus-year-old than by younger generations. Although you may have been outraged by the violence and dismayed by the president's comments, the sight of the "alt-right" marching took me back to my childhood, sitting by my parents in a darkened theater, watching black-and-white newsreels of marching Hitler youth. The torches, the chanting, the flags, and the ensuing violence - sooo familiar.

Secondly, though Hitler's name and the adjective "Nazi" are often used carelessly and inappropriately, today's reference by President Trump to people from "shithole" countries (Haiti and some African countries), horrifyingly followed by his query asking why we can't focus more on people from countries like Norway, demands comment.

It's time to look carefully at the distraction of many German people in the early days of Hitler's rise when this loud-mouthed buffoon began his manipulation of racist elements in the German population. Then, as now, people formerly considered rational became apologists, sycophants and enablers. Others dismissed him as crazy but ultimately harmless. We all know what happened. Read your history and be very, very afraid.

Shari Reyna


Trump views unacceptable to all

The seventh-grader-in-chief never ceases to amaze us. His recent racist comments aimed at "his" base were bad enough, but their appeal to "the base" should be unacceptable to all Americans. He is the filthiest denizen of the swamp he wants to drain.

Jerry Ragan


Two words in response to Trump

I have two words in response to the vulgarity recently displayed by President Donald Trump in referring to people from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries: "Vote Democratic." The Republican Party must be shown that there is a consequence for supporting and protecting Trump. This is 2018, and we do have mid-term elections coming right up. Vote, please.

Gary Carl

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Date:Jan 13, 2018
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