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Rap Attack?

I can't believe you included "Bad Rep for Rap" [Short Stuff, J/J '03] in CL! The study isn't even a significant portion of U.S. teens. I am extremely offended because hip-hop is not just music, but a form of expression and culture. I feel as though you are being very stereotypical. I don't think you should discriminate against hip-hop, the people of hip-hop, kids who listen to hip-hop or the whole culture itself!

A reader

I don't agree that watching rap videos encourages people to take drugs and get arrested. There are other influences that make people take drugs besides rap videos. There are classical music listeners who do drugs.


GL's Short Stuff section features news we think you need to know. This news does not necessarily reflect the thoughts and beliefs of GL editors. We totally respect hip-hop music, culture, artists and fans!

Health Nutty

I really liked "The OL Guide to Getting Healthy" [J/J '031. I'm a little over-weight, and the article gave me all the right facts, tips and dieting myths. It was very informative!


I'd like to eat healthier and exercise more often because being healthy and looking good is important to me. Maybe you could include tips for being healthy in every issue.

A reader

As a curvy, self-conscious teen, I was intrigued to think something could make me feel better about the way I see myself. But after reading the article, I was confused and shocked to see Pink as an example of a celeb who has a belly. Pink has natural curves, but is in great shape and looks awesome! Few teen girls could ever hope to possess that perfect celeb body.


I was not pleased with your guide to getting healthy! Although the info was good, the girls pictured were all thin and had good bodies. This did not help my self-esteem and made me think I was fat. Next time you write an article about different body weights and feeling good about what you look like, feature girls who actually are different shapes and sizes!


We wanted our guide not to focus so much on how you look, hut rather how you feel about your particular body type. The girls featured are actually a variety of shapes and sizes. The one thing they do have in common? They are all healthy!

Blue Boo-Boo

In Top 10 Special [Movies, J/J '03], you messed up on Legally Blonde 2. You put Red, White & Blue instead of Blonde.


Sorry, gals... One could say we were having a blonde moment.

Color That Cover

I love CL, but I notice you always use Caucasian models on the cover and in the magazine. I mean, it's bad enough the media portrays that we should be blonde, blue-eyed and skinny. I'm not happy that GL enforces this stereotype!

A reader

How come the models on the cover are always white? I've been subscribing to CL for a year and a half, and every model has been white since then.

A reader

We certainly believe all girls are beautiful and we strive for diversity throughout our magazine, not just on the cover. And keep in mind that pictures don't always portray a person's ethnicity. In the last year, we've had girls from a variety of backgrounds.

Moolah La

Thanks so much for "Get Rich Quick"! It was a good push for me to start a mini business. I plan to walk the neighborhood dogs for $5 a pup.


Never Be Bored Again

Thanks for "29 Awesome Things To Do This Summer" [J/J '03]. Now I won't be hanging out on the couch, watching cartoons!


Want to sound off about GL articles? We want to hear from you! Snail mail your letters and drawings to Letters to the Editor, CL, 4517 Harford Road, Baltimore, MD 21214. Or shoot us an e-mail anytime to


"The Summer Essentials" [Fashion, JIJ '03] is awesome! All the clothes are so cute! The model's outfit is so cool that I drew a picture to remind myself tube tops and cropped pants are the hot way to go this summer. Thanks for letting me know where I can get each thing. Now I know what to look for next time I go shopping!


Dear Nichole,

Your version of the outfit looks great! You might have a future as a fashionista. In the meantime, happy shopping!
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Publication:Girls' Life
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Date:Aug 1, 2003
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