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We've got mail!

We Double-Dog Dare Ya!

I totally love "Seven Reasons You Should Become a Girl Daredevil" [A/M '03]. I'm kind of a daredevil myself. I'm only scared of one thing--heights! After reading the article, I'm ready to overcome my only fear.


Ride with Me

Hey, thank you for "Ride On" [A/M '03]. It gives me and other motocross girls recognition and proves how hard it is. I give credit to the five girls who tried it--good job! I'm so surprised 40 percent of new riders are girls. That's great--we need more girls out there!


I really dig dirt bikes, and I think Sarah is brave to ride a motorcycle. It really takes guts!


Beauty 101

Thank you so much for "72 Spring Beauty Tips, Tricks and Surprises!" [A/M '03]. I get bad acne, and the "quick pimple fix #1" really helps! (The "soft cuticles" tip worked good, too.)


You're right, Holly. Nothing is easier than dabbing pimples with a baking soda/water paste and leaving it on overnight.

Thanks for the spring beauty ideas! I especially like the hair tips. I always have frizzy hair in the humidity, and your tips help me tame my hair!


The Panic Room

I was pleased to see an article pertaining to panic attacks. "Fear Factor" [AIM '03] is fabulously detailed and deals with a serious problem.

A reader

I suffer from panic disorder and, though I've been told other teenagers do, I felt alone. Thank you for helping me realize I am not alone and that there are people I can talk to about it. Do you have Brenna's e-mail address?


We don't have Brenna's e-mail, but go to to post and read messages by teens with panic disorder.

Small Wonders

I love "Being the Bigger Person" [Fiction, A/M '03]. It reminds me a lot of me. I'm 15 and 4-foot-10. I obsess over being short because my friends constantly bring it up (and so do I).


I'm short and can relate to being made fun of. It's good to see a story from my point of view!


"Being the Bigger Person" shows that the thing that really counts is what's on the inside! Always be yourself, and never let anyone bring you down.


Hope Floats

I am so glad you put "Lauren's Hope" in Short Stuff [A/M '03]. I've had diabetes for five years. I hated wearing my medical ID bracelet because it was so ugly. My Mom and I went on the Net to and bought a bracelet. Thanks so much!


Thank you for "Lauren's Hope." I also felt self-conscious about wearing my medical ID bracelet. When people noticed it on my arm, they always stared and asked what it was. I've had to explain it so many times. Lauren's bracelets are so stylish. It just looks like an ordinary bracelet.


She's a Superstar!

Thank you very much for putting Solange Knowles in GL Spotlight [A/M '03]. She is a fantastic singer and dancer. I can't believe she did most of this on her own--and starting at such an early age. I hope people don't only see her as Beyonce's little sis but as Solange. Continue the Spotlight thing!


Listen Up

Thank you for the Top 10 Listen article [A/M '03]. I tried Rose Falcon and Lillix, and they are my two new favorite bands. An awesome change from the average pop princess!



As soon as I saw the picture for the article "Seven Reasons You Should Become A Girl Daredevil" [NM '031, I was inspired to draw a picture of a girl with a surfboard. The article gave me courage. Next time I visit my grandparents in Florida, I'm going to try surfing!--Hikaru

Dear Hikaru,

We love your awesome drawing. Sounds like you're a natural-born daredevil. Keep up the totally positive vibe. Michelle Rodriguez, look out!

Want to sound off about GL articles? We want to hear from you! Snail mail your letters and drawings to Letters to the Editor, CL, 4517 Harford Road, Baltimore, MD 21214. Or shoot us an e-mail anytime to
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