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Thanks, BLACK ENTERPRISE, for your best issue yet: the August 2000 30th anniversary issue. The issue drove home many points that I emphasize to my clients and colleagues alike: embrace online investing, focus on technology and globalization, and close the digital divide by integrating an effective Web-site into company operations.

This August you placed my brother-in-law, dotcom star Frank Cooper III, co-founder of Urban Box Office, on the cover as one of the nation's top 30 leaders for the future ("30 for the Next 30"). These 30 for the next generation serve as beacons of inspiration for us all; and even they do not yet realize the impact that your coverage will have on their already hallmark careers.

As a publicist, I continue to attest to the fact that BE seems to reach out with X-ray vision and pluck the best of the best for its issues. As a testament to the weight that BE pulls in black America, the first statement out of the mouths of my clients is: "Can you get me in BE?" With virtually thousands of publications from which African Americans can seek coverage and/or information, [BE Publisher] Earl G. Graves has birthed a publication that is irrefutably the media source that marks "reaching the plateau" of national limelight and learning.

Happy anniversary, BE, and bless you for continuing to set the unparalleled standard in news reporting that impacts and empowers the lives of people of color globally.
Regina Lynch Hudson
President, The Write Publicist & Co.
Fayetteville, Georgia


I just wanted to say that BE has helped me in so many ways. It has really inspired me to achieve my goals and to aim higher.

I am 20 years old, just graduated from college with honors and will soon be working on my second degree. This subscription was one of my [graduation] gifts and let me say that it was the best one. I have encouraged others my age to subscribe to BE to help them achieve their goals as well. I tell people that in about five years, I'll be one of the faces in this magazine.
Sylvia Starks
Omaha, Nebraska

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Publication:Black Enterprise
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Date:Nov 1, 2000
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