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Byline: The Register-Guard

Make guns mandatory at GOP event

A petition to allow people attending the Republican National Convention in Cleveland to openly carry guns is pathetically weak.

Obviously - because we all know they make us safer - guns shouldn't only be allowed at the convention, they should be required.

For those few who can't afford to take their own weapons, handguns should be passed out at the door, courtesy of our patriotic gun manufacturers (long guns would seem like, well, overkill).

Then the convention would be maximally safe, and calm.

When National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre and Donald Trump take the podium, they wouldn't have to rely on any of those provocative one-armed salutes to rouse the minions. Everyone would just wave their sidearms towards the heavens.

What could possibly go wrong?

Bruce Campbell


We can't wait for GOP makeover

God help us, David Brooks! What universe was he living in when he wrote about the "re-creation" of the Republican Party? ("GOP needs to prepare for the post-Trump era," March 27.)

People are hungry, seeking justice, waiting in line to vote and in need of a functioning government while Republicans obstruct every attempt by President Obama to move forward on solving our problems.

We can't wait for Republicans to "re-create" themselves. Brooks said "it's exciting to be present at the re-creation" while we're "coming apart" and Republicans "sort of recognize this reality."

Did he actually read what he wrote?

Margaret Moore


Oregon schools are at a low point

Oregon schools are in a funding crisis. Our ranking for per-pupil expenditures has sunk dramatically in the past 10 years.

Oregon's student-teacher ratio is among the worst in the country. Classrooms are crowded.

And our high school graduation rate ranks 49th among the 50 states.

We've allowed ourselves to slip from having a good public school system to having one that is very marginal.

There simply isn't enough money. We're shortchanging our children and endangering the future of our state. Something has to be done to reverse the slide.

Wayne Ferrell


Bring back high school shop classes

High school shop classes should be made available again. Shop is a good way for some students to learn how to use tools properly.

Shop students also learn job skills prior to graduating. Classes such as wood shop, metal, fabrication, culinary and auto shop would help jump-start many students when they enter the work force.

One way to fix the problem could be to begin holding fundraisers to support shop the way sports are supported.

Mark Barnes


Lane County's 'dump' is well-run

After 15 years in the same house, I accumulated more trash than I ever would have thought possible. What to do with it?

A rental trailer and many loads driven to the Lane County Solid Waste Transfer Site in Glenwood was the answer.

The site and its operation are impressive. A dozen or more types of materials are accepted for recycling - including hazardous waste - and there's a large pit for unrecyclable trash.

Access to the various disposal points is well marked and spacious. Every employee I encountered was knowledgeable, friendly and efficient.

Who would think a trip to the dump would be a pleasant experience?

We can be proud of the facility, the staff that runs it and Lane County for providing it.

Bill Haynes


Local farmers can't sell year-round

I see that the City Council is considering "upgrades" for a year-round Lane County Farmers Market ("Councilors considers prolonged renewal zone," March 15).

The council should reconsider. Here are some of the things that make the local market unique.

It's held one day a week only; it's closed for the winter when there's not much growing; it's outdoors; the rule is that the seller is the grower and local products only - no grapes from Australia, no asparagus from Mexico.

The winter break is needed so sellers can plan for the next season. Then, when the market opens again the first Saturday in April (along with the Saturday Market), it's a real celebration.

Lotte Streisinger


Reagan tripled the national debt

The headline on Jonah Goldberg's March 28 column said "Trump is not now nor has he ever been Reagan."

Well, I certainly hope not. During the eight years of President Reagan's administration, the national debt tripled. That means it took him eight years to run up three times the debt that his predecessors took 204 years to accumulate.

Another president with similar fiscal acumen could turn us into Argentina.

Jon Heritage

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