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Letters to the editor.

Dear Alan:

Thank you for the interesting article, "Machine politics: The changing supplier arena," by Hannu Oinonen, published in your June edition, and also for Alan's ongoing "Viewpoint" columns on the changes our industry is currently going through, I agree with Hannu that "machinery suppliers play a critical role in technology development." Indeed, this is true more than ever, as consolidation and rationalizations among paper companies lead to the closing of some long established research centers.

I would like to let your readers know, however, that there are still more than three "vendors operating research centers with pilot paper machine development capabilities." GL&V operates a lane pilot paper machine, capable of running full production speeds on a wide variety of grades, at its Research Center in Watertown, New York. This machine is equipped with a 70-ft. long fourdrinier, two top wire formers, dilution control headboxes, and has just been rebuilt with a modular press section that includes bi-nip, jumbo and shoe presses.

GL&V is currently investing to integrate its pulp and paper research facilities, putting pilot stock preparation and paper machine equipment together at one location. We will start up pulping screening and refining research equipment in Watertown this September We also have well equipped, recently expanded pulp and paper test labs, and we have winder roll analysis available. All of this equipment is used for GL&V's ongoing product development programs, and is also available for both paper companies and other industry suppliers to use.

In fact, you may not realize that GL&V has grown rapidly in recent years to include such familiar names as Beloit-Jones, Beloit-Lenox, Black Clawson-Kennedy, Sandy Hill, Celleco, Dorr-Oliver, Impco, LaValley, Canron, National Refiner Plate, Albia, Hedemora and others. We are a North American based company, with major manufacturing facilities in Canada and the United States, but we have a presence in some 40 countries worldwide.

I would like to extend art open invitation to all Solutions/ readers, along with your editorial board members and authors, to visit our expanding research center and see for themselves that there is still new investment in research facilities and in new technology development in the North American paper industry.

Yours sincerely,

Marc Foulger

Director of Research


Dear Alan:

I wanted to share with you the very good response I have gotten from my article ("Making the best of change," Solutions!, May 2002, p. 46). I have received messages from colleagues both current and former, but the real joy has been the e-mails from strangers who have read the article and have written to let me know they were helped by the content. There are so many people who have gone through downsizing and others who have watched it happen and they are struggling. I'm glad to have the opportunity to communicate with them. There have also been messages from managers who are dealing with this from the other side (that is, having to do the downsizing) and I am now in discussions with some of them.

It was wonderful to have the opportunity to publish in Solutions!

Ginny Silver

International Paper

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Solutions - for People, Processes and Paper
Date:Aug 1, 2002
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