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Letters to the editor on the Zika virus: a bibliometric analysis. Delwiche, Frances A. Report Apr 1, 2021 6776
18 letters from readers that we loved. Jun 20, 2019 5449
Letters to editors zoom--in number and testiness: for some, it is like the election season glut continued into the usually slow winter. Garrecht, Sarah Jun 22, 2017 944
50 years of free speech. Oct 24, 2014 802
An ode to readers' quirks: being one click away from anyone who wants to weigh in on your looks or any number of subjects has its ups and downs. Galbraith, Kate Essay Sep 22, 2012 826
Did someone say snake? Alabama woman sends series of unusual letters to the editor. Kulicke, Heidi Nov 1, 2011 420
Another mixed bag. Buol, John M. Jr. Editorial Oct 1, 2011 472
Up close and personal: crossing the line between constructive and offensive. Fleming, Jeff Editorial Oct 1, 2011 513
Canadian broadcasting corporation: publicly funded censorship. Leishman, Rory Jan 1, 2011 713
To God he spoke Spanish: "It will be years--not in my lifetime--before a woman will become prime minister [of Britain]"--Margaret Thatcher in 1974. She became prime minister five years later! Ankomah, Baffour Jan 1, 2010 1644
Fact or opinion? Newspapers should not enable the spread of false information. Nolan, Karen Dec 22, 2009 488
Kulchyski versus Widdowson. Brief article May 1, 2009 110
'Crowdsourcing' the Opinion Pool: sharing time-savers for productivity. Roth, Eddie Dec 22, 2008 423
In Letter to 'NYT,' Man Who Prosecuted Weather Underground Hits Linking Ayers to Obama. Mitchell, Greg Oct 10, 2008 355
Serial-Killer Suspects Accuse Each Other in Letters to 'Arizona Republic'. Brief article May 29, 2008 417
Dear editor. Mar 22, 2008 5517
Turf or astroturf? A look at the scope of the "canned letter" phenomenon. Reader, Bill Sep 22, 2006 852
Nurse investigated after writing letter to editor. Editorial Apr 1, 2006 164
Editors divided about what's racist and when to run bigoted letters. McClelland, John Sep 22, 2005 1020
NCR letters: you don't know the half of it. Ryan, Antonia Editorial Aug 26, 2005 844
Alaska spokesman called himself a journalist. Brief Article Aug 1, 2005 153
New research on the nature of letters and their writers. Reader, Bill Jun 22, 2005 1233
Responding unkind. Bowman, James Apr 1, 2005 2806
Letter writing alive in N.H. Orloff, Brian Feb 1, 2005 620
Don't forget to write. Moritz, Gwen Editorial Jan 31, 2005 745
I've got mail. Soupcoff, Marni Dec 22, 2004 861
No Mortimers need apply. Strantz, Herb Brief Article Sep 22, 2004 187
The real thing is worth fighting for: we can help educate them through direct explanations as to why we don't print such letters. Megna, Alane S. Sep 22, 2004 1158
An e-mail conversation: how to deal with letter-planters; let's try the Town Square rule for determining legitimate letters. Traud, Luanne Sep 22, 2004 1219
A question of ethics: editor knows letter reflects only part of the story. Sep 22, 2004 401
It's a cheap form of propaganda: now they are offering prizes to people who trick newspapers into publishing fake letters. Dzwonkowski, Ron Sep 22, 2004 1200
A look at the perpetrators: the list of interest groups encouraging "astroturf" is as long as the list of interest groups. Radmacher, Dan Sep 22, 2004 918
Many fight a lonely battle: let's keep real voices, original writing, and unique perspectives in our letters. Nielsen, Carolyn Sep 22, 2004 1027
Six signs of turf. Brief Article Sep 22, 2004 179
Genuine letters help democratize our debate: letters give a window into how regular folks see the events of the day. Cranberg, Gilbert Sep 22, 2004 780
Readers' letters. Sep 10, 2003 1587
Battling for integrity. (NCEW vs. Planted Opinions). Radmacher, Dan Jun 22, 2003 583
A sophisticated attempt to deceive. (NCEW vs. Planted Opinions). Seebach, Linda Jun 22, 2003 875
Okay, what about ghost-writing? (NCEW vs. Planted Opinion). Floyd, Doug Jun 22, 2003 1006
Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in Singapore: clinical features of index patient and initial contacts. (Dispatches). Leo, Yee-Sin Jun 1, 2003 3063
Human rabies: a reemerging disease in Costa Rica? (Dispatches). Rupprecht, Charles E. Jun 1, 2003 1998
Imported West Nile virus infection in Europe. (Letters). Lorcerie, B. Jun 1, 2003 905
Corynebacterium ulcerans diphtheria in Japan. (Letters). Takahashi, Motohide Jun 1, 2003 935
Salmonella in birds migrating through Sweden. (Letters). Olsen, Bjorn Jun 1, 2003 1367
Letter. Brief Article Apr 14, 2003 302
St. Valentine's Day massacre? (Letters). Shaffe, Samuel Apr 1, 2003 156
On the commandments and evolution. (Letters). Downs, Wallace Apr 1, 2003 312
Right decision on the Pledge. (Letters). Updegraff, James G. Apr 1, 2003 100
Letters. Mar 1, 2003 984
Circumventing the constitution. (Letters). Durham, Patricia R. Mar 1, 2003 206
President Bush: saving souls? (Letters). Lowen, Virginia Mar 1, 2003 180
Towey flunks Judaism 101. (Letters). Branch, Glenn Mar 1, 2003 107
Hail to the `spiritual-leader-in-chief'? (Letters). Marcus, Richard Mar 1, 2003 337
'Turf' war: Copy desk vs. copycats. Berman, Ari Feb 10, 2003 768
Letters to the editor: Judith Knelman uses correspondence columns to illuminate changing views on marriage in the second half of the nineteenth century. (Cross Current). Knelman, Judith Nov 1, 2002 1784
Making contact. (Newsbite). Spruell. Sakina P. Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 200
Credit to Cyrus Curtis. (Letters). Power, Betty Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 123
Cancer survey. (Letters). Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 144
A timely warning. (Letters). Del Rosario, Joyce Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 246
More, more, more botts! (Letters). Riley, Brent A.; Reheis, Herman Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 136
The name game. (Letters). Darrow, Inez; McMahon, Bessie Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 133
Passing along the secrets. (Letters). Price, Helen Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 149
Got it covered! (Letters). Powers, Nancy Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 155
Correcting the correction. (Letters). Rosenberg, Sylvia Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 143
Readers question letters policies. ROGAHN, KURT Brief Article Sep 22, 2001 680
Rethinking the rules. (Editor's Note). Jun 22, 2001 512
Masthead symposium. Jun 22, 2001 97
Creating a lively letters page: how do you sustain a lively exchange with your readers? The Masthead editor collected advice from a number of editorial page veterans. Jun 22, 2001 1870
Why women don't write: time, fear, and society get the blame for lack of letters from women writers. Still, the Courant took steps to make editorial pages more inviting to women. (Symposium). Medina, David Jun 22, 2001 1775
What to do with a troublesome writer: our fight will not end until one of us is vanquished. Partsch, Frank Jun 22, 2001 934
A new e-mail tool to solicit letters: e-mail outreach to a database of previous letter writers generates an enthusiastic outpouring of diverse letters from readers. (Symposium). Webster, John Jun 22, 2001 1200
That drama of letter writing: dramatization of 150 years of letters to the editor surprised the audience by how little life has changed -- and attracted a different crowd to the theater. (Symposium). Cunningham, Ron Jun 22, 2001 1112
First letter leads to 90+ per year: veteran letter writer knew he was hooked when a reader called to agree with what he had written. (Symposium). Holzweiss, Fred Jun 22, 2001 824
TRANSLOG stands out. (Letter to the Editor). Lewis, Ira Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 169
Letters. Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 988
Letters to the Editor. Letter to the Editor May 1, 2000 1289
LETTERS. Brief Article Oct 1, 1999 1262
Defending Tinky Winky draws wrath. Farish, Murray Apr 1, 1999 948
State courts uphold 'opinion' decisions in post-Milkovich era. Petrick, Michael J. Sep 22, 1997 1730
Racist letters: to run or not to run? Dec 22, 1996 1644
Power of letters to the editor: the following article from the 20/20 Vision newsletter illustrates the power of letters to the editor. Nov 1, 1996 207
Most papers receive more letters. Kapoor, Suraj Jun 22, 1995 2393
Letters to the editor via e-mail. Noack, David Jun 25, 1994 1765
Unsigned letter brings trouble to college paper. Wolper, Allan Apr 23, 1994 2216
Anonymous opinions are a dangerous practice. Rood, David Sr. Feb 12, 1994 773
Sound Off turns readers into participants. Hagopian, Arthur Mar 22, 1993 982
Linguistic infidels hurl verbal nerf balls. Reinken, Charles Mar 22, 1993 943
The New Yorker's blind spot. Cranberg, Gilbert; Stewart, Amy Sep 22, 1992 1657
GOP letter-to-the-editor campaign backfiring. Fitzgerald, Mark Mar 2, 1991 624
Top N.Y. court protects letters. Feb 16, 1991 473
Anonymous letters turn on readers. Phillips, Rob Dec 1, 1989 2268

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