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Letters to the editor.

Joel Rubin sent us this photo from his collection which was taken at the birthday party for Robert Edmond Jones in December of 1947. Edward Kook, on whose wall it originally hung, wrote the names of those attending on the back of the photo.


Back row, l to r., John Mason Brown, Bob Barnhart, Raymond Sovey, John Huston, Henry Weiss, Stanley MacCandles, John Harvey, Donald Oenslager, Mac Weiss, Albie McDonald, Brad Ashworth, Bernie McDonald, Marc Connelly, Robert Bergman; middle row, George Schaff, Norman Bel Geddes, Lee Simonson, Arthur Segal; seated in front, Jo Mielziner, Edward F. Kook, Robert Edmond Jones, Eugene O'Neil, Arthur Hopkiins.

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Publication:TD&T (Theatre Design & Technology)
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Mar 22, 2012
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