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Letters to the editor about Take One no. 49.

Mr. Wise,

Thanks for the cover and profile [Michael Dowse's It's All Gone Pete Tong]. Much appreciated. It gets lonely for us filmmakers here on the West Coast sometimes. Look for our new film Everything's Gone Green early next year based on an original Douglas Coupland screenplay.

Best regards,

Elizabeth Yake

President, True West Films

Salt Spring, BC

Dear Editor,

You seem to have overlooked 19 Months [in "The Most Popular Canadian Films Released in the GTA between 1994 and 2004"]. It played three consecutive weeks here [in Toronto] last May--two weeks at Canada Square and one week at the Carlton. Not a big deal really, but I don't want the film to be lumped with those that only drew "100 lost souls" in a two-week run at the Carlton. I can assure you we did more than 100 in single screenings. Perhaps you can update that next time you do one of these lists. Otherwise, keep up the good work.

Best regards,

Randall Cole

Director, 19 Months


Sorry Randall, it was an oversight. Your film should have been listed between Love That Boy and Perfect Pie. Editor

Dear Editor,

It's Warren Sonoda, director of Ham & Cheese. Thank you so much for the awesome article Tom Lyons and your magazine put into the current issue ["Black Walk Takes a Walk on the Funny Side"]. Your coverage of Black Walk was so amazing for us and our company. It is much appreciated. Thankfully, I am going to be directing my next feature in June, so hopefully I can keep the story going. (Which is the whole point of the struggle, isn't it? To stay in the game.) Again, thanks for the support.

Warren P. Sonoda

Director, Black Walk Productions


Dear Wyndham,

Thank you for running my review [My Mother Is an Alien: Ten Takes on Life and Film by George Melnyk, page 54] and for the embarrassingly enthusiastic value you attribute to my life and work. No wonder so many film academics resent me! My one regret is that your copy editor didn't put quotation marks around the last half of paragraph three, making it appear as my words and not George's. I bear some responsibility, I guess, because I had shrunk the type and indented the paragraph so that, indeed, there were no quotation marks in my copy. However, the attentive reader will figure it out. Thank you once again.


Peter Harcourt


Editor's note: The quote begins "Each of these three films discuss death and dying ... [and concludes] There is no human life without the sacred and there is no human life does not experience the daily power of the material world."
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Author:Harcourt, Peter
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Date:Jun 1, 2005
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