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Letters to the Editor.

Dear Editor:

I am writing first to congratulate you and the NEHA team on continuing to produce a very good publication--the Journal of Environmental Health.

Although it has been a little while since I have had an article published in the Journal (September 1998), 1 want to let you know that I have received more inquiries about that article than about any other I have written (both from the United States and from other countries)--and that I have had much positive feedback. This response demonstrates that the Journal is widely read and relevant to the environmental health community. Thank you for publishing my article and for providing a publication of this sort.

I have received the Journal for a number of years now, and I would like to comment on a minor layout issue. The running footer gives the month and year of publication and identifies the title of the Journal as "Environmental Health." I was wondering if it might be better for the footer to identify the volume and issue numbers as well as the date, and for the title to be changed to Journal of Environmental Health or some abbreviation of those words (e.g., Jnl. Environ. Health, 2000 (Nov), 63 (4)]. There are a couple of reasons for this suggestion:

A number of other journals have similar names, so a more specific footer might decrease confusion and clarify the identity of the Journal. Often, readers photocopy articles. With the current footer, the correct name of the Journal and the volume and issue numbers may not be retained. As an example: I am involved in teaching of an undergraduate course in environmental health, and the students frequently reference articles from the Journal in their assignments. Because most students photocopy the articles, I have noticed that in nearly every instance they have referenced the Journal as "Environmental Health" instead of "Journal of Environmental Health" and have not included a volume or issue number.

I hope that the above comments are helpful and thank you again for producing this quality publication.


Dr. Thomas Tenkate, Senior Project Officer (Environmental Health) Brisbane Northside Public Health Unit, Queensland Health Australia

Dear Mr. Tenkate:

Thank you for keeping in touch with us, and for sending suggestions about ways we might improve the Journal of Environmental Health. You have a valid point about the template we use for the footer, and we have added it to our list of things to consider the next time we meet about the Journal's design elements. Thank you once again for your feedback, and for your continued support of the National Environmental Health Association.

The Editors
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Publication:Journal of Environmental Health
Date:Mar 1, 2001
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