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Thanks for the memories ...

The launching of Communications News (35 Years and Counting, October 1999) was a team effort and only two people from the original four operating staff remain alive. In early March of '64, John G. Reynolds, the publisher of Telephone Engineer & Management showed Harry Hosmer, our president, a dummy of a broad news and new product communications tabloid he had pasted up some months earlier since there was nothing like it in the field for end users.

Harry jumped on the idea immediately and proposed a Fall '64 launch, overriding the protests of the three of us that we needed more time to market research, get our flagship TE&M up to speed, et al. At that point, Hosmer gave Reynolds his choice on taking the new magazine as his baby or remaining as publisher of TE&M. Wisely, we felt, John elected to remain where he was best known, and Bruce Howat--who had come in as editor of TE&M with me as assistant publisher--was given the responsibility of heading the launch and becoming its first publisher and de facto editor.

In June I was then promoted to editor of TE&M at the time CN was announced for October publication, and I was also assigned to build the circulation of CN (since I had been a circulation director for Hitchcock Publishing prior). Reynolds lent his considerable industry prestige, experience, and contacts to helping promote the new book to the marketplace and potential advertisers, while Howat crafted the editorial product, produced the collateral, and briefed our joint sales force. So, it was indeed a team effort though, frankly, in the subsequent 20 years, the multitalented Howat, who certainly took the magazine to splendid growth, did nothing to discourage the thought that he was CN's (sole) founder.

Cordially, Ray Smith

Editor's Note: Ray Smith's letter was edited for space considerations.
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Author:Smith, Ray
Publication:Communications News
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Dec 1, 1999
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