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Letters to the Editor.

Homeopathy is effective

Dear Sir,

I have read with great interest the two letters related to homeopathy ("Homeopathy medicines", August 3, and "Questions over homeopathy", August 5). As I am a homeopathic practitioner myself, this subject is of great interest to me. In reference to the letter, "Questions over homeopathy", I strongly disagree with its writer's opinions.

Homeopathy is extremely safe and its medicines are effective in people of all ages, I have found. The science of homeopathy is complex but one who has delved into this alternative medical system will readily vouch for its positive effect on patients.

Some experts do claim that homeopathy medicines only have a placebo effect but that is not true at all.

From my experience, all chronic diseases have shown real improvement through homeopathy treatment. That is more proof to me than any wild theories or baseless comments will ever be. Homeopathy medicines are taken based on the individual's condition as a whole rather than on the state of disease. They don't cause any side effects either.

Homeopathy is completely non-invasive and patients are comfortable with its treatment. True, there are many critics of this complementary system of medicine but still homeopathy ranks top among peoples' favourite forms of treatment in many parts of the world.

Homeopathy is practised worldwide now and I wait for its due recognition in Qatar too.

Dr Sujo Sonu, (e-mail address supplied)

Judiciary's respect for Abdul Kalam

Dear Sir,

In a rare, yet a befitting gesture, the Chennai High Court announced that it would work 15 minutes extra every day for the rest of the current week in memory and honour of former Indian president A P J Abdul Kalam. The judiciary, which holds the supremacy over executive and legislative powers as per India's constitution, thus pays its respects to the noble and humble personality of Kalam.

Kalam did not crave for any publicity and his impeccable record will remain so for centuries.

The Chennai High Court is one of the few establishments in Tamil Nadu to work extra hours as a tribute to Kalam, setting an example for others to follow suit. Kalam had said before his death: "Don't declare a holiday on my death, instead work an extra day, if you love me."

I'm really proud of the Chennai High Court. And I hope other high courts in India will follow the example set by it.

V Kalyanaraman. (e-mail address supplied)

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Publication:Gulf Times (Doha, Qatar)
Date:Aug 5, 2015
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