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Letters to the Editor.

Appeal to municipality Dear Sir, I stay in a house at the back of the Al-Khor Security Department building. This area is now under development. Telephone connection and domestic waste collection services are not yet available here. The roads around our house are littered with materials left by construction people. The municipality does not keep any waste collection bins in the area. I would like to request municipal authorities to keep the area neat and tidy. SA (Full name and e-mail address supplied) A message to criminals Dear Sirr As anticipated, rights groups and a number of newspapers have criticised the fast-track court verdict in India over the brutal rape and murder of a 23-year-old-girl in Delhi last December. The court sentenced the four rape convicts to death after calling their act as a crime of the "rarest of the rare category". The defending lawyer made an outrageous comment that the girl and his friend were partly guilty for roaming around at midnight and he would have killed her if he was the father. One of the core points of criticisms against the verdict has been that capital punishment for rapists would not serve as a deterrent to similar crimes against women. Another argument against the verdict has been that hanging the four accused shall not bring back the victim to life and it will not reduce crimes against women. The need of the hour, according to some people, is a massive public education campaign! For some rights activists, the young age of the accused persons has been a concern for disagreement! I am not of the opinion that any of the above reactions is irrelevant and they have their own merits and demerits. The question to be answered is to why India as a whole has been waiting for this verdict. Reportedly, around 25,000 rape cases were registered all over India in 2012. How many of these 25,000 are known to the public? Only a few. However, the Delhi rape case has been discussed not only inside India but internationally because of its brutality, diabolism, cruelty, shamelessness and ferocity. The crime shocked the capital city. Here again the question whether the death penalty for the guilty persons would work as a deterrent against such crimes against women arises. No man-made law can be perfect and powerful enough to eradicate crime from society as it would have its own weaknesses and limitations. It is also an important fact that some people enjoy immense freedom to obey and defy laws and regulations in accordance with his/her basic traits. In this context, various right groups' call to the government for launching a mass public education campaign is relevant. It may have been due to restrictions of the law that one of the guilty persons was sentenced to three years in juvenile detention in spite of the fact that he was found guilty for the cruellest assault among the gang! The "boy" was old enough to commit such a horrific crime but not for receiving punishment! Is there something wrong about the criteria for maturity? On the other hand, questions have been raised about the enthusiastic way some people reacted to the verdict. It was worrying to watch them celebrating by distributing sweets after the verdict. Such reaction is also appalling. But those who salute the verdict in principle have not been rejoicing over the fact that four young members of the community are walking towards the hell. But in a democratic country we should set a precedent. As Kiran Bedi rightly said, it is a message: if you commit such a crime, you will go to hell. Simple and plain. K K Nazimudeen PO Box 441 Doha Please send us your letters By e-mail Fax 44350474 All letters, which are subject to editing, should have the name of the writer, address and phone number. The writer's name and address may be withheld by request.

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Publication:Gulf Times (Doha, Qatar)
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Date:Sep 17, 2013
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