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Letters in the editor's mailbag.

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Taking a knee act of patriotism

I always thought the arguments used about American soldiers fighting for our freedom was about fighting for our right to those things that our Constitution protects. How is taking a knee not just exercising our constitutional rights? I personally find it patriotic - but then, I find peaceful protest patriotic.

Tamara Torrence


Outlaw other kind of bump stocks

Bump stocks should be outlawed. I'm not talking about the cheap plastic gizmo that turns a semi-auto rifle into a machine gun. I'm talking about the bump in the value of the gun manufacturers' stock each time there is a mass shooting (see

Any increase in value should be put into a gun victims' fund.

Michael T. Hinojosa


Wording matters less than outcome

In response to Richard Whelan's letter ("These were not automatic weapons," Oct. 5) please excuse the lack of distinction between "sounds like" and "is" an automatic weapon.

If a weapon can be fitted with a device that makes it "sound like" an auto matic weapon because it is rapid-fire and can kill more people faster, then, yes, liberals and responsible citizens will "assault" the use of that device.

To whom is it "unfair" to end the use of such devices? If it makes sense to outlaw automatic weapons, how can it make sense to allow devices that turn semi automatic weapons into de facto auto matic weapons? The wording here matters far less than the outcome from the use of a bump stock.

Patricia Gilmore


White privilege misses big picture

The only thing Bill Northrup got right about the concept of the term white privilege (letters, Oct. 3) was that it is an offensive term.

How dare he cherry pick a few personal conflicts and confuse them with the everyday systemic oppression white America has built this nation on?

Northrup has no idea what it's like to have those kind of violent actions and unfair policies preventing him from realizing liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness every moment of every day - not because of what he did, as Northrup seems to focus on, but because of the color of his skin. I'm glad the term is offensive to Northrup; it should be.

Kevin Burns


Trillium didn't tell rest of the story

Mark Meyers' self-congratulatory accolade of the Trillium Health Plan ("Trillium pursues health care vision's promise," Oct. 5) fails to mention perhaps the biggest benefit provided by Trillium - at least for its stockholders: huge windfall profits for a former mayor, a Pap Group CEO, a Slocum clinic physician and scores of others from the sale of Trillium last year, as revealed in a Register-Guard expose shortly thereafter.

Marna Broekhoff


Don't exploit fires with greed

I appreciates the guest viewpoint by Sam Krop of Cascadia Wildlands ("Post-fire logging bills would weaken forests," Oct. 4). She calls out the anti-science, anti-democratic move by Rep. Greg Walden to exploit the fires that burned in the Columbia Gorge and forests around the Northwest.

This is an attempt to use these fires as an excuse to override sensible science-based laws that have protected our precious forests over many years. Logging damages the land, fills the streams and rivers with fish-killing silt, harms wildlife habitat and sets up the forest for fires that are more destructive when they occur in even-aged, single-species, industrial- style timberlands.

The laws that HR 2936 and HR 3175 would nullify are the result of much citizen input based on extensive scientific studies. It's time for members of Congress to serve the public interest and the natural world rather than their campaign contributors.

David Stone


Paper towels a la Antoinette

When Trump tossed rolls of paper towels to victims of the Puerto Rican hurricane I remembered the saying attributed to Marie Antoinette: "Let them eat cake." A similar saying could be attributed to the president's insensitive action: "Let them eat rolls of paper towels."

Mike E. Walsh

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