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Letters in the editor's mailbag.

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Trump's asked some good questions

I'm voting for Sen. Bernie Sanders in Oregon's May 17 primary and, I assume, for Hillary Clinton in the Nov. 8 election. I consider Donald Trump's candidacy for president to be one of the few errors in our democratic system.

Yet even "The Drumpf" can call one correctly. In an intriguing essay first published by The Nation, there's this headline: "Donald Trump could be the military-industrial complex's worst nightmare."

In the essay, Trump "came to Washington and dropped a peace bomb on the neocon editorial writers at The Washington Post. Trump wants to get the United States out of fighting other people's wars. He thinks maybe NATO has outlived its usefulness. He asks why Americans are still paying for South Korea's national defense. Or Germany's or Saudi Arabia's."

" 'I do think it's a different world today, and I don't think we should be nation- building anymore,' " Trump said. " 'I think it's proven not to work. And we have a different country than we did then. You know, we have $19 trillion in debt. And I just think we have to rebuild our country.' "

The article goes on: "Trump has, in his usual unvarnished manner, kicked open the door to an important and fundamental foreign policy debate."

Trump asks the valid question: Is it in America's interest? Or has U.S. global strategy become a dangerous hangover from the glory years, when Washington armed and organized nations for the Cold War?

Those are interesting questions, especially when Trump asks them.

Michael E. Peterson


Hitler's thugs beat his opponents

Regarding Phil Alderman's March 21 letter, he referred to a squadron of "brown shirts" who terrorized Germany in the 1920s and '30s.

Called "SA" or "Sturmabteilung," they were a group of thugs who demanded citizens reply with the "Heil Hitler!" greeting when prompted by Nazis.

If a citizen didn't respond to the demand, the SA thugs often would beat the person. They also were present at political rallies and quite often beat members of opposing political parties.

Peter Gregg


Don't tap Hood River County springs

As students at Looking Glass Riverfront School and Career Center, we don't appreciate Nestle going into Hood River County to pump water from Oxbow Springs. We're concerned that it will harm the Native Americans' spiritual practices by taking their sacred, healing waters, putting it in bottles, and selling it back to them.

Due to the drought conditions still plaguing some areas of Oregon, Nestle shouldn't be allowed to take millions of gallons of water from the springs. That could contribute to the springs drying up and disappearing.

It also could force residents of Hood River County to change their water source, which might pose a risk of harmful chemicals seeping into the water as happened in the lead poisoning cases in Flint, Mich., after officials switched their water source. We stand with the Local Water Alliance of Hood River County.

Adrianna GothardAlex MendozaHayden MyersMakala Wolf


Trump would bring back the 1950s

I'm an old white man. I know Donald Trump appeals to old white men because of his authoritarianism, gender bias, suspicions of brown and black people, fear of change, arrogance regarding America, worship of power, thinking errors, anxieties, anger and love of guns - all persisting vestiges of the 1950s.

We loved coming home to out mothers' fresh-baked cookies. We were into hot cars, guns and hunting. We preyed on certain animals (just as Trump now preys on American voters). We didn't think; we emoted (as Trump does now) - why reflect or consider when we could rant, rave and say whatever entered our undisciplined minds?

Trump supports gun ownership but he's not supported by the National Rifle Association, maybe because he wants guns locked and secured - perhaps even with electronic locks, which the NRA doesn't support. Thousands of guns are stolen every year, and electronic fingerprint locks could reduce illegal gun activity dramatically.

I hope Trump wins the Republican presidential nomination to showcase the party's real agenda. He won't be elected because good people will reject his wanting to live in the 1950s culture again, with all its baggage and exclusionary activities.

Guns are here to stay, and Americans want them locked and secured. As an old white man, I won't vote for Trump - and neither will millions of young women.

Timothy Forester

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