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Letters in the Editor's Mailbag.

Byline: The Register-Guard

A Clintonesque weakling

Gov. Ted Kulongoski's budget message was that we can achieve a modest increase in school budgets by making massive cuts in human services and huge cuts in law enforcement. He says his budget will require sacrifice from everyone.

Luckily, though, it does not count on any money from Measure 28. Hence, I will not have to pay the extra $50 a year that the measure would cost me for the next three years. I can sacrifice by letting the most vulnerable citizens of our state make the sacrifice for me. It is a sort of secular atonement sacrifice.

We are going from eight years with one of our best governors, John Kitzhaber, to a Clintonesque weakling who promises to be one of our worst.

CRAIG ENBERG Springfield

Board checks complaints

In response to Jerry Sagen's Dec. 15 Commentary article, "Doctors' mistakes cause insurance crisis," we are sorry for Sagen's loss of his spouse, and extend our sincerest sympathies to him and to his family and friends.

Sagen raised several questions regarding the Oregon Board of Medical Examiners' role in malpractice and negligence cases and what circumstances result in investigations of physicians. The board's investigative process is complaint-driven, and the board actively investigates all complaints of unprofessional conduct and negligence it receives. The Oregon Medical Practice Act lists "gross or repeated negligence" in the practice of medicine as one of several circumstances under which a physician's license may be suspended or revoked or other disciplinary action may be taken. Citizens wishing to lodge complaints, express concerns or seek more information about the board may contact the agency at 1-877-254-6263. The Board of Medical Examiners also has a web site:

The board also works with hospitals and health-care systems on reporting physician conduct that may be in violation of the Medical Practice Act. Such institutions, as well as several professional associations and all board licensees, are required to make such reports.

In many cases, the Board of Medical Examiners and these institutions also are able to take proactive measures to prevent such occurrences and enhance patient safety in Oregon.


Executive Director

Board of Medical Examiners Portland

Israel in Pharaoh's role

In an ironic switch, the Jews are in Pharaoh's shoes. Remember how Moses begged Pharaoh to "Let my people go!" Time after time Pharaoh refused.

Jehovah sent a series of scourges: the Nile turned into undrinkable stinking blood; frogs, lice, flies, plagues, boils, hailstorms, locusts, total darkness and the final death of firstborn, both human and animal.

To this day, the Passover is celebrated because those Hebrews who followed instructions to place lamb's blood around their doors did not lose any of their firstborn.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has built many settlements in what was agreed to be Palestinian territory: the West Bank and Gaza. He has settled more than 200,000 people in these areas and prevented the Palestinians from moving, traveling, working and living in their own homes on "their" land.

Until all Jewish settlements are removed so the Palestinians have control of their territory, the bombings will continue. Sharon can continue to destroy more homes and buildings, and to kill more Palestinian women and children, but the bombings will continue. The Palestinians have no recourse.

To Ariel Sharon, I say, "Get your people out!"

MARY KAY LOMAX Springfield

Trickle-down foolishness

Just like last year, George W. Bush wants to borrow against Social Security reserves to pay for another big tax cut for the rich.

He and his backers apparently don't remember the failed supply side economics of President Reagan's administration or the monumental deficits that still linger because of it. All of them flunked economics and the reality of trickle down: You don't water the lawn by giving your dog a drink.



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What's on readers' minds: The hottest Mailbag topic during the past week was Measure 28, the proposed temporary income tax surcharge that the state Legislature put on the Jan. 28 ballot to fill a $313 million hole in the 2001-03 budget. We received 63 letters, with 39 readers supporting the proposal and 24 opposing. We also received 15 letters on PeaceHealth's efforts to relocate Sacred Heart Medical Center in Springfield.

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