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Letters in the Editor's Mailbag.

Byline: The Register-Guard

Remember Pearl Harbor

We, the members of the Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, Chapter No. 2, state of Oregon, would like everyone to share with us the memory of this day when more than 2,000 military servicemen died trying to defend the Hawaiian islands. We were as unprepared as the victims of the World Trade Center buildings, which were destroyed on Sept. 11, 2001.

Each year we suffer the loss of some of our members because illness and old age is taking its toll. Some of us still ride on our Veterans Day float in two parades each year, and we relish the greetings and applause from the crowds as we pass them by.

We - the 31 active members of our association, along with 15 widows of past members - ask no more than to be remembered for how we withstood the attack by a very powerful enemy for the first hours of the beginning of World War II. With this in mind, remember Pearl Harbor - as well as Sept. 11, 2001.


Recruiters gain access

Last week the South Eugene High School administration sent a letter to every family with a child enrolled in that school. The letter informs parents that a new federal law, the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, provides armed forces recruiters access to student information as well as direct access to students during school hours. The law applies equally to both male and female students in grades nine through 12.

The law requires all schools to provide the armed forces with this information unless parents complete and return a form instructing the school not to release this information to the armed forces. Because many families were busy celebrating Thanksgiving last week, some parents might not have opened this important letter.

If parents do not wish their child's records made available to the armed forces, or parents do not want their child's school day interrupted by interviews with armed forces recruiters, parents must sign and return the form to the school within 10 days.

Please be sure the school understands your wishes in this regard.


Others exert influence

In his letter of Dec. 3, Brian Ford complains about the Eugene City Council being "swayed by small but vocal special interest groups." In the recent past, attempts have been made to influence the council by means of deception and secrecy by an even smaller group of so-called business leaders.

The opponents of the Patriot Act and smoking in public places are advocating health and peace for all of us and are not ashamed to show their faces in public.

Is it the pot or the kettle that is black?


A breath of fresh air

Bob Welch has hit the jackpot again Dec. 3 with the touching story of his 75-year-old mother's marriage. He and the groom were not the only ones who shed a few tears.

What a gifted writer he is, and what a lot of juice he can extract from both the simplest and most complex of personal stories and situations.

This would include the Dec. 1 offering about his post-Thanksgiving shopping trip. What a sense of humor! His is a breath of fresh air in a world with far too little of it. Write on, Bob!


Issue is representation

Since when did this whole KUGN "The Voice of the Ducks" thing become a freedom of speech issue? It's not. This is an issue of representation.

This is about University of Oregon students and faculty not liking the fact that the "Voice of the Ducks" announcements are being placed in the middle of right-wing, conservative radio talk shows that don't represent the majority opinion on campus. At least, that's what it looks like to me.

From what I've seen, the issue could be solved fairly easily and with little fuss. All KUGN would have to do is limit its "The Voice of the Ducks" announcements to UO-related programs, and everyone should be satisfied. No one should be trying to make KUGN dump the programs altogether; that would be unconstitutional and discriminatory.

I may not agree with what those programs have to say, but I respect their right to say it. If everyone just forgot the whole freedom of speech argument and dealt with the real issue - representation - then KUGN and the university could resolve this thing without so much conflict.



Letters received in past week: 132

Letters published: 60

What's on readers' minds: We received 15 letters about conservative talk shows on KUGN-AM radio and that station's relationship to the University of Oregon. Ten letters dealt with the USA Patriot Act and the Eugene City Council resolution opposing the legislation. Eight letters addressed Ballot Measure 28, the proposed state income tax surcharge that will appear on a special election ballot next month. Four letter-writers commented on PeaceHealth's plan to build a new hospital in Springfield's Gateway area, and four people wrote to defend columnist Bob Welch against criticism published earlier.

- The Register-Guard


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