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Letters in the Editor's Mailbag.

Byline: The Register-Guard

Hale the right choice

Who says politics can't inspire a perfect marriage? Just look at the race for Eugene's Ward 5 councilor!

Pat Hadley, a bona fide liberal running in a conservative district, needed a single popular issue that would hide her real views from voters. The firefighters' union wanted a suitor more attentive than Councilor Gary Pape. Both partners rightly disparage the incumbent's support of plans to move Engine 9 and its firefighters to Santa Clara - leaving the Valley River fire station without an engine until 2005.

This marriage of convenience spawned dozens of lawn signs for Hadley emblazoned with "Save Our Fire Station." Hadley and the union seek to use the well-earned popularity of the nation's firefighters for political advantage.

Ward 5 voters should be looking for their own perfect match in this election. That match is candidate Jim Hale. His overall views mirror those of most voters in Eugene's most conservative ward.

Hale has been outspoken in his support for keeping Engine 9 at the Valley River station, where it should continue as one of only two engines serving one-fourth of the city's residents living north of the Willamette River.

Hale has urged the fire department to negotiate in good faith with Santa Clara's fire districts to obtain a workable two-year extension of existing contracts. He wants to avoid immediately staffing a new city station there with budget-busting overtime pay.

The firefighters do not like that. Hale will support them only when they're right.

Give 'em Hale at City Hall.



Retain Judge Schuman

I plan to vote to retain David Schuman as a judge on the Oregon Court of Appeals.

I have known Schuman for 20 years. I met him first when he was a law student and saw that he was exceptionally bright and capable. Since then he has had a distinguished legal career, serving this past year as a judge on the Oregon Court of Appeals and before that for several years as the Oregon attorney general's top deputy, in charge of the legal work of the Oregon Department of Justice.

Just as important, I've gotten to know Schuman as a co-worker and have seen him in his roles as a popular teacher, a parent, a respected scholar, an associate dean of a law school and as a runner and bicycler. I've seen someone who's not just bright, but who has integrity and treats others with respect.

Of all the qualities we want in a judge, we want someone who understands the law and how it will affect us. Someone who will hear both sides of a problem, who will treat both sides with respect and who will do his or her very best to apply the laws and make a decision that's correct and fair.

David Schuman is exactly the kind of person we need as a judge. I hope you will vote to keep him on the Court of Appeals.



King is a moderate

One of the oddest things this election season is watching Phil Barnhart trying to pass himself off as a moderate. He is running against Al King in House District 11. King is the only moderate in the race. I know this because King was my representative for two terms in the old District 44.

Barnhart seems to believe that the only real Democrats are the Democrats living in his stronghold in south Eugene. To be a Barnhart Democrat, you must vote 100 percent of the time with the environmental lobby, vote for every tax measure no matter how far-fetched, and pretend the economy is just fine. Oh, yeah: You need one of those secret plans to "fix" school funding that even Republicans will support - but you guessed it, it's a secret until after the election. Let's have a reality check.

The majority of voters in the new District 11 don't live in south Eugene. The majority of Democrats even in south Eugene are not Green Party members who have just not gotten around to switching their registrations. Moderate Democrats in District 11 from Creswell to Brownsville had better pay attention. If you forget to vote, Barnhart will be your next representative. He is counting on you not to vote so that a heavy turnout in South Eugene will win him the election.

Remember to vote. Remember, moderation is a virtue - and vote for Al King.


Cottage Grove

Barnhart best for all

The Register Guard endorsed Al King over Phil Barnhart for House District 11 primarily because the newspaper believes King would better represent the district's rural members. As a rural resident of the district, I believe that this is mistake.

Barnhart is the best candidate to represent both urban and rural constituents. In today's rapidly changing and increasingly global economy, distinctions between urban and rural industries and residents create a false dichotomy. Urbanites rely on rural areas for most of the energy and other resources that support the economy. In turn, rural areas depend on the markets that only urban areas can provide to sell their goods and services. In short, urban and rural communities or economies are completely dependent on each other.

Phil Barnhart has a much better understanding of the complex relationships that exist between urban and rural areas today. Consequently, he would provide the best support for both constituencies. He deserves to be the Democratic nominee.



Castillo well qualified

Susan Castillo is intelligent and industrious and is well qualified to be Oregon's superintendent of public instruction. She has worked hard for schools in the Legislature as a member of the Senate Education Committee and has endeavored to bring both sides of the aisle together for appropriate school funding levels. Castillo is well respected and is a great advocate for better schools. Those working for better education recognize her skill, and she is endorsed by the Oregon School Boards Association and the Confederation of Oregon School Administrators.

Schools are essential to the future of Oregon. At this critical time we need someone like Castillo to fight for better schools. Unfortunately, her main opponent, backed by Bill Sizemore, wants to have school funding dropped to the lowest level in the country. The superintendent of public instruction is supposed to fight for better schools, not dismantle the education system.

To draw attention away from this real difference in approach between Castillo and her opponent, the Republican Party is sponsoring a smear campaign against Castillo.

If you want better schools in Oregon, vote for Susan Castillo.



Evangelistic artillery

I think Congress desperately needs to restore the Crusader artillery system. It could be used to help persuade the Arab Muslims to become Christians, thereby making them learn to love us and become our friends.




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